A trailer for the Spider-Man expansion of the Marvel's Avengers video game

A few hours more, Playstation and Very Aspect agreed to present the leading sober visual the extension Spider-Man: With Good Strength of the video game Marvel’s Avengers . It wasn’t long before a first trailer for said expansion went live.

Canvases and Canvases

So today we find a top trailer to present the sober character Spider-Man , which is therefore the last to join the roster of the game Marvel’s Avengers sober Crystal Design and Rectangle Enix – this, sober exclusive for owners of sober gaming systems Playstation . The intro presents us in broad outline what must be the guiding line of the campaign allocated to the Weaver: the superhero must be teamed up with Dark Widow and Kamala Khan was able to counter further abuses by A.We.M. .

In the trailer , we play fundamentally a sober card a super-team since all the members of Avengers present in the game sony ericsson finally show present sober end sober video. Enough to revive some excitement for the players who will benefit from this exclusivity. The extension (free, like all previous ones) will be available starting next November. The trailer can be found below.