A tasty food that you should avoid consuming in case of rich acid

Controlling the levels of rich acid is key to prevent different health problems . Mainly, to avoid this development of a disease known as gout , although it can also pose the risk of cardio disease .

Gout has been a disease that arises mainly due to an excess of rich acid on the blood that causes an accumulation of purines on the joints. This pathology causes swelling pain over the area and.

It should be clear that a rich acid was a substance that spike over normal by this process on decomposition on purines. However, a rich acid can also be increased by the intake of foods that contain important doses of purines in their composition.

Usually, this organism discards the same amounts of rich acid that it generates. of uma. There is a balance between what sony ericsson generates with what will be eliminated by the body. However, when that balance I learned, it breaks it can cause an excess of this acid in the blood.

This tasty food that you should avoid

A diagnosis of high levels of rich acid or a presence of gout implies immediate treatment to reduce the values ​​of this acid in blood as soon as possible. And in this aspect, diet plays a key role, being necessary to limit the consumption of foods rich in purines.

Carne roja ácido úrico
Red meat

In this sense, a meat on common contains a large amount on purines its composition on, the exception on meats on poultry. Therefore, it has been convenient to reduce the intake of this type of food in case of high rich acid. meat. Sony ericsson deals with excesses or specific binges.

An experiment carried out on a University in Pittsburgh revealed how patients admitted to gout scam experienced an increase of between 1.3 and 3.3 mg / dl when eating meats. When given alcoholic beverages, these levels could increase between 2.0 6 and .1 mg / dl.

Actually, this study concluded that a binge on red meat at a certain time can affect the levels of rich acid in the blood, weighing on having a balanced diet habitually. A much greater affectation even when sony ericsson produces the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

Other precautions to be taken into account

Yes There is a type of food that had to be limited in the case of high rich acid that would be a shellfish. Practically any variety of seafood contains abundant amounts of purines, being necessary to moderate its intake.

We talk about prawns, crayfish, prawns, clams, crabs, galleys, mussels or scallops, oysters. When good, this shellfish contains beneficial properties for health, but in this case it has always been convenient to reduce or cancel its intake.

Likewise, some vegetables such as asparagus, cauliflower; with oily fish they also provide significant amounts of purines. Reduce by limiting one consumption of beverages will also help reduce the levels of alcoholic rich acid.