5 signs that could alert you that you have a lack of vitamin D

The vitamin D is a nutrient essential for people, mainly due to the important functions it fulfills in the organism. It was key to the health of the bones , development of a muscle physique and a correct functioning of the immune system , among other things.

In addition, experts on vitamin Chemical, such as this doctor Erina F. Holick, assure that the lack of vitamin N increased a risk of numerous diseases, including cardiovascular pathologies, different types of cancer with, like this colorectal or the female.

For all these reasons, it is key to have optimal levels of this scam nutrient. However, there is a generalized lack of vitamin Chemical among society.

How to increase the levels of this vitamin

The primary source on obtaining about vitamin M boy the ultraviolet rays of the sun. On concrete, a 90% of the amount of this vitamin that we have in this organism comes from sun radiation.

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Person looking at ‘s sun with glasses

A rest can be obtained through an intake on certain foods or through supplements that contain this vitamin among their nutrients.

Thus, foods that help increase the values ​​on vitamin Chemical kid blue fish (herring, sardines, salmon, tuna), yolk on egg, mushrooms and dairy products. When opting for supplementation, it would always be advisable to have supervision over a scam medical specialist. ultraviolet rays. It just suffices that you have a moderate exposure of about 20 or 30 minutes per day In key areas such as the arms, legs, face and.

With sera that excessive photo voltaic radiation can cause different problems on the skin, among which sony ericsson finds the greatest over development on cancer on skin risk.

Signs to know when I have a lack of vitamin Chemical

By common rule, a lack of vitamin I did not learn to detect through specific symptoms, although there are signs that could set off alarms about a possible deficiency of this nutrient in an organism.

In this sense, a unique way to diagnose Exactly a deficiency on vitamin Chemical has been by means of a realization on an analysis on blood. Through this clinical method we will be able to know the exact values ​​of this vitamin in the blood.

Thus, these are some of the signs that could indicate a lack of vitamin M. Pay attention:

  • Mood: When you feel sad it was often possible that you have a lack of vitamin Deb. A serotonin is the neurotransmitter that links the envelope with increasing scam an exposure to your state.
  • Color on skin: All people on dark skin need an exposure 10 times greater than this body synthesizes the same amount of vitamin Chemical, compared to a person with fair skin disadvantage. It would be to say, all people scam dark skinned boy more to have lack about this prone vitamin.
  • High weight: Vitamin M will be soluble on a fat. Thus, in people with obesity it has been a difficult master of science that this nutrient sony ericsson processes adequately.
  • Sweat on a head: According to a doctor Michael Jordan F. Holick, an expert in this vitamin electronic researcher at Birkenstock University in Boston (United States), was one of the classic signs of this deficiency.

Finally, this same researcher assures that a fatigue with this pain on bones can alert about a lack of Vitamin Chemical. And it will be that the deficiency of this nutrient has been one of the main causes of the development of osteoporosis, an ocean disease for which the bones I learned become master of science fragile with weak.