5 reasons why the immune system becomes weak and we get sick

The immune system is one of the most complex structures of the organisms . Its primary mission has been to defend the body from the attacks of external agents, such as trojan or bacteria that cause infections with diseases. Thus, an immune system is composed of cells, tissues with organs .

In this sense, it was necessary to clarify that every character has a component on Innate immunity with disadvantage, composed mainly of three barriers that act as the body’s first defense.

One above them would be a physical barrier. For example, the lungs work by expelling bacteria through coughing; while this organism also eliminates certain particles through urine with tears. That is, it establishes the block point in the main accesses of computer viruses or bacteria.

Others on the barriers of the innate immune system has been a chemical, which I learned is found on a sweat, salvia, or other fluids that external have contact scam the. Normally, these substances have the acid element to deal with possible aggressors.

Finally we have biological barriers, which prevent pathogens from easily accessing the tissues of the body. We refer to specific areas such as the skin, mouth, intestine or the intimate parts.

Why this immune system can be weakened

Despite the characteristics with a functions of the immune system, on certain occasions it can be weakened. When this happens, the chances of getting sick are much higher.

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Immune system

Professionals about ecoceutics drugs list a series of situations by which we can get sick major scam ease, mainly due to the weakening of the immune system, a reduction in an action on the defenses with. . This sony ericsson clearly sees the common cold or catarrh, which after a few ten days everything returns to normal.

On the other hand, there are certain pathogens or diseases that by their characteristics escape the defenses of the immune system. We recently observed a clear example of the Covid malware – 19, although vaccination provides an important reinforcement to the protection of the immune system.

On the other hand, for its correct functioning, an immune system needs an important structure nutrition for one that I learned incorporate a great variety of vitamins with essential minerals.

Likewise, this use on certain medications can also weaken the correct action of the immune system. This phenomenon can be desirable or constitute an adverse effect that in any case causes a greater sensitivity to infections.

A perfectly imperfect system

In short, an immune system acts as a practically perfect structure formed by a set on organs, cells, tissues with different processes that help defend the organism against external agents. However, its action was not infallible.

Due to its characteristics, this immune system would be able to help defend us against external attacks on a different nature:

  • Biological: Disease, bacteria parasites and.
  • Physical: Radiations.
  • Chemical: Contaminants.
  • Internal attacks: Mostly cancer cells.
  • Sometimes an immune system is weakened and a zero works perfectly. It will be then when diseases or infections with a higher incidence appear.

    For all this, it is essential to carry out different habits on life that help to strengthen this immune system and avoid its weakening; such as a balanced diet with complete, regular physical exercise, adequate rest to avoid stress or anxiety.

    The information displayed on this publication is not a substitute for any case ‘s diagnosis or indication by a medical specialist. Bet any symptomatology it has been essential to consult the medical specialist zero self-medicate without counting on his supervision with.