Wonder continues' 90s nostalgia with return of the Slingers in Amazing Spider-Man

Characters Reborn , una Clone Fable : sober 2021, Wonder has no hesitation, sober multiple times, tapping into the years 1990 to promote sober tales of the year. A nostalgia for this decade is gaining more and more significance, and if the title The Incredible Spider-Man , it is the set of characters straight out of this period that has emerged. prepare to come back through the front door. Everything could also continue soberly proposing special numbers and multiplying by two, if not more, the sober monthly number dedicated to the Weaver.


Still in the sober setting of a period “ Beyond ” of the title The Amazing Spider-Man , which is selected for the lengthy work sober Chip Spencer , it’s in The Amazing Spider -Man # 13. BEY (for “BEYond) that readers will indeed be able to attend the return of the group of Slingers , or rather a new version of this quartet, obviously sponsored by the Beyond Company . The number announced will be written by Geoffrey Thorne ( Environment friendly Lantern ) and illustrated by January Bazaldua ( X-Force ) with the colors of Jim Towe , the artist also taking care of signing the regular cover of the problem number.

A bit of history: initially, the Slingers are the different alter gos (and outfits) that Peter Parker virtual assistant use in the crossover Identification Turmoil sober 1998, published between titles The Amazing Spider-Man , The Sensational Spider-Man , Peter Parker: Spider-Man and The Magnificent Spider-Man . Each of the alter-gos and outfits correspond to the fight design or special abilities of Spidey and the time of the crossover , each of the numbers in the The series concerned showed Parker in one of these outfits: we thus found Hornet , Ricochet , Dark and Prodigy . The hero used these four aliases vehicle Spider-Man was then wanted for murder. Once back to his regular costume, Parker ze soberly got rid of each of the outfits, which were then recovered by the character of the Golden Age group Dark Wonder , who then formed four young superhero aspirants: the Slingers .

The title dedicated to this young sober superhero group had a very sober start to the syndication issues had been published, each offering the sober point of view of one of the four heroes on a same story. Despite the side spin-off of Spider-Man and boy tremendous popularity in the years 90, the title Slingers will only have twelve numbers. By the fit, its members will have appeared in several titles over the last few years, one of the last in schedules both in Dan Reilly: Scarlet Index # 13 in 2018. From now on, a new incarnation will appear in The Amazing Spider-Man in February 2022, Wonder sony ericsson taking care not to give the real identity of these characters – except that the new Hornet is none other than Hobie Dark brown , the original Prowler .

Difficult sober learned to pronounce on the immediate interest of such a return, of which it will be necessary to judge by the integration in a regular series. The group’s “naughty” orientation seems pretty certain, and we’re left with the covers of the numbers below.