Si Spurrier and Matias Bergara (CODA) reunite for Step By Bloody Step at Image and Dupuis in 2022

A double ind ‘comic news is reaching us this week, and rather delightful. The creative duo behind the excellent CODA , namely Si Spurrier and Matias Bergara , will meet again next year for a fantasy title which will have the joys of a very close publication between the original version at Image Comics and the French version at. .. Dupuis !

Original Cra ‘thinks for two markets

The new title of Spurrier and Bergara , colored by Matheus Lopes , is called Step by Bloody Step , and must start in original version at Image Comics from the month of February 2022. This is a fantasy title that must take us alongside a young boy, without a name, and a glove robot that accompanies him. Very special thing: the mini-series, planned in four numbers stretched pagination, will be entirely silent – a particularly difficult style exercise to carry out on such pagination, and which can only attract our curiosity.

The child and the robot will go through a number of counters and will make lots of encounters, with the obligation to always move forward. Why ? The readership will have to discover it for themselves, the child having no memory, no words, in fact nothing, except the robot keeps him company. The French edition, baptized Saison de Sang , is already announced for June 2022 at the editions Dupuis . A fact that immediately put us on our ears: it was there that Olivier Jalabert , the former editorial director of Glnat Comics , which said CODA , is now working. Contact by us, the interested one has confirmed to us to be behind this original creation, thought to be published on two distinct markets (as some works of Mirka Andolfo may have been at Glnat in recent years). A way of doing that we recognize, and we can’t wait to get our hands on the first number. See you on February 2022 at Image Comics for the most impatient.


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