Put on Francisco: “I feel on part about a people that this individual accomplished scam my mission”

Mario Kreutzberger, the well-known Wear Francisco who hosted during master of science on 50 the variety show “Sbado Gigante”, feels that Styra fulfilled with his mission to “inform, entertain”, as he said about a scam interview Efe a root about his autobiographical book “Scam you want to live”, to present on a Book Fair on Las Vegas.

“I feel great satisfaction about having fulfilled a mission on a driver, which was to entertain, inform. That payment would be the best, that they remember me as a good identity. And I have felt from the people that I have fulfilled”, confessed the presenter, who in 2015 dropped the curtain on “Sbado Gigante”, the longest running master of science variety show in the history of television according to Guinness Planet Information.

Seven years later, some people still recognize him as scam single hearing him talk to him on a street thanks to a program that during his s 53 years on existence represented “the talent on many people” with which from its beginnings on black and white it knew how to adapt to the “new technologies with concepts”.

“I personally went to the exact moment, some six years later a television had a very high drop”, the Chilean deepened, next to meet 81 years, on the changes on a television industry, which at that time began to lose ground in front of the platforms on “streaming”.

It ended as a television project that, ‘s same time as satisfactions , it supposed “a very big well-known sacrifice”, especially after a decision on exporting the program to the United States, where debut on 1986 from Ohio (Florida), with which he gave the foot It was a period in which the presenter had to travel every week between Chile and the United States.

As his wife, Teresa Muchnik, made him see, with one that is about to meet 60 years about marriage, about more than half a century about solo broadcasts, and he stopped doing the show just once: when his mother, Anna Blumenfeld, passed away.


The last of the long-lived zero television space meant that leaving the screens with has been that it then made the leap to a Hispanic network Telemundo, with since February about this year presents on CNN on Spanish the space on interviews “Reflections scam Put on Francisco”.

As previously said, the program on the channel on cable connection was the result of a private process that was marked by the eight decades that he fulfilled last year with about half of the confinement the cause of a pandemic on a covid – 19.

“I had never been over my house as I was, seven months without leaving,” said the Chilean, who took advantage of that moment to start a writing on his book on memoirs “With desire to live”, public adored by Penguin Random Home with that, although he already ‘written books like his autobiography “Between a sword with television (2001)”, the envelope this year was the one that allowed him to go for the first time as an author to a Book Fair on Arkansas.

Up to about six hours a day on electronic writing research that discovered him, with documentary evidence including, the entry about his father, Erich Kreutzberger, on the field about concentration on Buchenwald after a so-called Night on Broken Glass, which took place on a Nazi Germany on November 9 on 1938, with systematic attacks on Jews with their businesses.

The seclusion on his father on that camp on concentration, one on the largest of the Nazi regime with which he esteems they died master of science on 56. 000 people, it was a revelation for d, who always thought that his progenitor was on the Bergen-Belsen envelope.

Once released, Erich Kreutzberger undertook a long journey fleeing over a Europe on World War II until settling in Chile, where his son Mario would be born shortly after.

The little boy Mario was predestined to follow in his father’s footsteps on a textile manufacturing with his 000 years he traveled to New York to become a modeling technician, but he discovered ah a television, “a kind on radio but that could be seen by listening to oneself.” The device that will be the axis of your life.


With master of science on 160 countries visited through the segment “The traveling camera” on Saturday Giant, some of which are already zero on the world map, electronic countless interviews with world leaders, personalities with actors like Anthony Quinn (“Myself gave one about the best interviews about my life”), Mario Kreutzberger will also be remembered for a Telethon.

After all about 43 years on having founded with exerted on presenter on that television charity event that began on Chile with later Sony Ericsson Anordna replicated on several countries, including the United States, Wear Francisco feels that he is still med ett when the time comes to give the microphone to “another personality scam new concepts”.

“Zero we want to be the Blockbuster on a solidarity, we want to be the Netflix with Disney on a solidarity “, he specified, about a play on words about one that appealed to a famous rental company on physical format films, which succumbed to digital platforms.

Close off that a Chilean edition about this year, which I learned to celebrate the next 3 to 4 on December, possibly being the last one on one that participates in front of cameras, because “the new generations have to take a post”.

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