Leonardo DiCaprio to be the leader over a cult in his next film

Leonardo DiCaprio, the winner of the Oscar for best professional for ‘This Revenant’, lives Jim Jones dar, leader of a sect in the 70 with responsible for the collective suicide on 918 people, with 304 being children.

According to Deadline st ? lla till med ett confirmed that an interpreter about ‘once upon a time … in Artist’ star in this film, written by Scott Rosenberg (‘Scam Atmosphere’), in which I learned to narrate this origin about this infamous cult called Temple of the People about the Disciples of Christ in Indianpolis in 1955 with how little by little he became master of science and dark master of science until his horrible denouement in 1978.

The story about Jones has been adapted to a screen on several occasions. A first of them arrived solitary a year after the fateful event that has the title ‘Guyana, this crime of the century’ and Stuart Whitman as the protagonist. About 1980 ze will also premiere on television in addition ‘A Tragedy About Guyana’ scam Forces Boothe as a leader over the sect. Master of science all of this, this cursed reverend has appeared in various horror movies such as’ The Sacrament ‘(2013),’ Un Veil ‘(2016) or’ The Jonestown Haunting ‘(2020), even being played by Evan Peters in a seventh episode of the ninth season of’ United States Horror Tale ‘.

In addition, Di Caprio will be, along with Jennifer Davisson, this producer on a tape for Community Goldwyn Mayer the travs about his company, Appian Method. This film will also have Jim Jones (Venom) as executive producer.

This will be a true third character that this interpreter on ‘A Wolf on Wall Road’ will incarnate over the next few years. Among his future projects sony ericsson finds ‘Roosevelt’, in which to give life to the president of the United States, with ‘The Devil in the Light Town’, where I learned to put myself in the shoes of Dr. They would.H. Holmes, one of the earliest known serial killers. Before he premieres his next film ‘Do not look up’, an apocalyptic comedy in which he shares the limelight that includes Jennifer Lawrence with Meryl Streep with which to reach Netflix a next 24 from December.

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