Henry Cavill is set to take over the role of Superman if Warner Bros. the contact

The soap opera Holly Cavill made kid slow and heavy. More or less dismissed, more or less still in contract with Warner Bros. for the sober role Superman , the actor has for the time no sober project planned for the sober account DC Movies . This circumstance of absence, where the facilities refuse to admit the very b of the saga Man of Steel despite the door left open by the Zack Snyder’s Justice League and an overt presence of Clark Kent in the DC Universe at the cinema (confre Shazam ), frustrates a lot of spectators. As for the actor, on the other hand, things are clearer: still going, and waiting for news.

Superman Zero Even more (?)

For the minute, Warner Bros. is working on several projects Superman , with the movie of Ta-Nehisi Coates and the Val-Zod series provided on HBO Greatest extent with Eileen B. Michael jordan . What could happen could a smooth changeover, however, does not prevent Cavill from still believing in the role: according to him, the very essence of DC Comics is to feature different iterations of the same character. Both in comics and in movies – the bonhomme takes the example of Joker , appeared in Suicide Team , then in the movie by Todd Phillips , and probably term in the story developed by He Reeves . A fairly logical theory on paper.

Cavill sony ericsson even says in favor of the sober movie Coates , sober believing that “ Superman is much more than a sober skin color “in the columns of Artist News reporter . The actor adds, however, that the character has more stories to tell in child itration Guy of Metal .

“He still has a standard narrative for Friday Superman, and I would love to have this opportunity again. He has the location to grow this character from here on out. , to explore the psyche of a deep being, almighty in appearance, with this true sober belief. As I always said: mum cape is still in my closet. “

On the paper, Guy of Metal effectively remains the sober starting point of an unfulfilled fable, for the actor who has only become significant in the walls of Hollywood since. that the popularity of the Witcher may help, if the movie Display does not definitively cancel the Cavill-El , and that the resentment of Warner Bros. towards Zack Snyder eventually dies down.

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