Geof Darrow at work on a new Shaolin Cowboy miniseries (put March 2022)

There are things we can skip over, especially when the editors haven’t communicated on the project yet. Recently, or rather, a few stupid weeks, the fantastic Geof Darrow ( Hard Boiled , Huge Man , Bourbon Threat ) was invited in the excellent objective “ Capture Job interview ” by Cartoonist Kayfabe , series of podcasts on the history and current affairs of comics in the United States, hosted by two authentic little geniuses, Male impotence Piskor and Jim Rugg . The artist ze confided on a lot of things during this interview of almost three hours, among which the new mini-series devoted to Shaolin Cowboy . Sorry for the delay.

Master Crab Hits Again?

Contact by Piskor and Rugg , Darrow looks back on a good sober part of his career as part of a river job interview and many sober subjects will have capital t voqus – kid connection Moebius , Otomo , Vaughn Bod , his first steps in animation and child friendship with a sober colossus ensemble, among which Open Miller or Dave Stewart . Already sufficiently exciting on many levels, the meeting also had the interest of evoking the future of Shaolin Cowboy , silent emblem of the bibliography of Darrow . Heroes of a lifetime appeared within Humanodes Associs under the alias Bourbon Threat (1984), the environment character has a second iteration in the United States, first at Burlyman Enjoyment , the publishing house of the Wachowski sisters , then at Black Equine .

Inspired by a sober passion Darrow for the Asian action movie, with the Zatoichi sober Shintaro Katsu sober particular, the character of Shaolin Cowboy element european union rights several amounts, one last edition time in Portugal sony ericsson located at Futuropolis . The bonhomme is currently working on a new mini-series in seven numbers, called “ Cruel to Become Family member ” or “ Cruel to End up being Ruler “(unfortunately the video does not have a subtitle). Potential clue to the return of California king Crab , mortal enemy of Cowboy etcrustac type in kung fu seeking aprendí avenge of the heros since this one ate all his family in el eating place of seafood.

“The top number will be available sober March sober the year next. It’s called ‘Shaolin Cowboy’ – and it will last september numbers. The title is ‘Shaolin Cowboy: Cruel to end up being Family member (g?)’ “

A superb short story from a sober French edition Hard Boiled , another big sober piece from a sober bibliography Darrow also available at Futuropolis for a few days. Do not pass next to the maintenance avenue by Piskor and Rugg if you appreciate the work of the guy, while waiting for the official announcement of Darkish Equine by next month’s solicitations.

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