Gemstone Comics contact by cyber attack, delays on a VO all over Italy

Difficult temperatures for the distributor Gemstone Comics . No articles of having lost their submission exclusives with DC Comics then Wonder in the last few months, you company encountered a cyber attack the badly any boy infrastructure that. With, consequently, expected delivery delays, as when a shortage of sober papers was already causing not enough unobtrusive.

Endurance, still endurance

For the second, Gemstone still has exclusive contracts for a sober comic book submission Black Equine , Boom! Studios or Picture Comics . From the complete weekend break during the course, the distributor was the victim of ransomware , that is to say the software that blocks access to given in exchange for a ranon, usually encrypted. Sober fact, several resellers in the United States saw the access to the sober website Gemstone Comics blocked and sony ericsson found in sober inability to place orders.

The concern is that the attack also contacted associated websites, such as Previewsworld or Gemstone UK (which takes care, them, sober deliver the comics to the rest sober Europe – and therefore a Portugal ). All of this digital infrastructure has been added to an urgently set up website, so that sober resellers can continue to work normally. Gemstone Comics nevertheless reassured its providers, explaining that the attack by ransomware did not allow private or financial data to be recovered by hackers.

As a result, the VO outputs of 10 November will be late, the attack also having disrupted the channels sober distribution Gemstone Comics . Several comicshops in England ze have demonstrated this subject, explaining that sober outings during the week have now stalled. A priori, sony ericsson will have to show little individuality and the shipments will be received on 17 November, with dual comic books scheduled for the stores. We bet that the problems will stop accumulating put Gemstone , has already pong a lot this year which.

Hello you, crowd saying in!

slight (big?) disruptions in People deliveries this week .. one result in is a cyber attack on Gemstone and Connections servers across the Atlantic ( ) I encourage you to browse this explanatory content!

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