El one-shot Key X-Men # 1 by Tini Howard and Francesco Mobili sober February 2022 at Wonder

The ensemble programs for a business X-Men sober comics continue sober sony ericsson to unfold, after the departure of the great manitou Jonathan Hickman , who still left some directives Wonder (since he does not stay very far despite everything). Perhaps you have, earlier in the year, the vote of the readers who had been organized big could select the new member of the main team X-Men , the yardstick of relaunch of the title by Gerry Duggan ? Remember there was only one happy read ( Polaris ) … What about the others? They would be fine, we know what will happen to them early next year.

X-Men not cuando techniques

Marvel will soberly offer a one-shot all mutants who have testosterone levels recals the move for the great vote of X-Men . The number, soberly called Magic formula X-Men # 1 , will therefore unite Forge , Boom -Boom , Pace , Solid Man , Marrow , Armor , Cannonball , Sunspot and Banshee , put a secret objective which will send them (literally) into the canvases – the editor says a little more, since said objective will involve the Empress Shi’Ar Xandra , incidentally the daughter of Charles Xavier and Lilandra .

To carry out this objective, the Top secret X-Men will be entitled to sober providers Tini Howard ( X-Corp , Excalibur ) on screenplay and Francesco Mobili (sober inker Marco Checchetto on Daredevil ) to the drawings. A main cover of the number is signed Leinil Francis Yu and fulfills on stage all the heroes involved in this story … unless the term “Key” is actually applied and the one-shot have some surprises in store for us? Answer in Magic formula X-Men # 1 , find on February 9 2022 among the sober journals Wonder .



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