Dominican fashion arrives in Spain from the hand of Index

Dominican Fashion arrives in Spain, where designers Giannina Azar, Martn Polanco, Nina Vsquez and Jos Jhan will delight a select audience that loves haute couture with refined and avant-garde designs.

This event seeks to be a benchmark for the image change for Dominicans residing in Spain. Dominicans who work day by day to create country-brand projects and positive character for the community.

Dominican Fashion in Spain will take place at the Only You hotel – Atocha, on Sunday 14 November, in the city of Madrid. For the organizers it is important to strengthen and change the image of the Dominican Republic in the countries where they host Dominicans, since times have changed and the Dominican Republic is not a country that only exports labor, but a country that advances all levels Like any country developed in, and for decades, Dominican fashion has walked through different catwalks around the world and in this fashion show in Spain, you will meet the artists who have continued the work started by Oscar de la Renta and Jenny Polanco.

Dominican Fashion in Spain, as a country brand event, aims to spread the culture and strengths of the Dominican Republic and, as a country that develops every day.

Under the auspices of the VDT Group, the Embassy of the Dominican Republic to the Kingdom of Spain, ProDominicana and the Iberia airline, the Spring Colors Fashion Show producer joins the Institute of Dominicans Abroad (INDEX Espaa).