Directing Chlo Zhao (Eternals) a movie about Celebrity Wars about Kevin Feige, president about Wonder?

Chlo Zhao, winner of the Oscar for best director for ‘Nomadland’ with director of Eternals, could have been chosen to make the Superstar Wars movie that a Marvel president, Kevin Feige, is preparing.

One Take Information medium announced that all the negotiations between a filmmaker with this studio could have been closed and they would be almost ready to finish. In the absence of an official confirmation, it seems that the prudent Master of Science has been to take this information with some caution. Feige about a universe about Celebrity Wars. “I would do anything if Kevin Feige asked me,” replied the artist “, so lonely a few days ago.

Master of science all of the signing on Eileen Waldron, scriptwriter on ‘Physician Strange inside the Multiverse of Madness’ with primary scriptwriter with executive producer on a series about ‘Loki’ on Disney +, to write this libretto about this new production on Lucasfilm, little master of science sony ericsson knows about this project. A collaboration between a galactic studio and this Responsible for Wonder supposes the exceptional agreement, which shows Disney’s trust in a creative.

At this moment, a Universe about Superstar Wars has several titles that will arrive before the film about Feige with Zhao. The first of these will be ‘A Boba Fett Book’, which will arrive at Disney + next 21 December. They will also arrive on the platform in 2022 the collection ‘Andor’, ‘Obi -Wan Kenobi ‘, as well as the third season on’ The Mandalorian ‘, in addition to There are several master of science projects that still do not have a release date such as ‘Ahsoka’, ‘Rogue Squadron’ or ‘The Acolyte’, among others.