Demi Lovato launches her first sex toy: Zero there is nothing empowering master of science than putting pleasure in your own hands

Demi Lovato announced the launch of her first lovemaking toy. Sony ericsson is about a vibrator, which he has called Demi’s Wand.

“We present a Demi Wand! I wanted to create my own intimate toy to remove the stigma of pleasure in carrying your sex-related relationship to the next level “, announced a social networks artist.

The objective that ze anordna marked a star of the put scam his new business foray has been to eliminate the” stigma “that he believes that sony ericsson still associates with sexual pleasure. Also, from the point of view of advertising windows, he explains that, his sex toys with, aims to take his users to a “new level” of satisfaction.

“Zero there is nothing master of science ‘ empowering ‘than putting pleasure in your own hands. We have been pretending that we are not sexual beings for too long. The time has come to eradicate the stigma. We all deserve pleasure, we all deserve orgasms! “, explained a star.

The vibrator I learned to sell at a price of 79 dollars over the United States.

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