By Nick Zdarsky and Ramon T stillwater. Prez in January 2022 at Delcourt Comics

As the sony ericsson release horizons get closer and publishers can ensure that they validate the provisional release schedules of their next collections, the programs can begin at the start of the release. anne 2022 continue to expand. Next January at Delcourt Comics , in addition to the expected (and late) T7pt Techniques of Ben Taylor and Daniele Di Nicuolo , will arrive the leading volume of a Skybound project ) started last year, and of very good quality: Stillwater .

No more dying, a curse?

Stillwater is a series initiated by Nick Zdarsky fall 2020 within the Skybound m ‘ Picture Comics tag (sober in this sense, it was quite expected sober to see the title aprendí make its way to Delcourt sooner or later). Far from the humorous escapades of the successful author / cartoonist (such as on Intercourse Criminals ), the title is el thriller agonizing with a touch of the supernatural. We con fit Daniel Western , el developer with impulsive temperament, barely fired from the put record he was working on after slapping his colleague. Dumped by his girlfriend, forced to squat at his friend’s house, he received the day mail which invited him to go to the town of Stillwater , was able to touch the legacy of an old aunt he didn’t even know about. D, very quickly, Western world sony ericsson realizes that some select bell in town: no one can die. But the people on location are not all inclined to provide a warm welcome to the unfortunate hero of this story …

The top tome will include the 6 numbers (on a sober overall twelve advertised currently) sober this series, illustrated by Ramon Okay. Prez (with whom Zdarsky had collaborated on Marvel Two-In-One ) and put in colors by Paul Spicer , brilliant colourist that we find on the titles, among others, sober Daniel Warren Manley . Count (except later delay) on a the 26 January 2020 at the sober price 17. On this last element, we will note the higher price than what Delcourt Comics usually does (the ind ‘revolving around 16 / 17), curious factor since the book is in the format regular (173 173 mm). To see if manufacturing elements (on paper?) Will be able to explain this una output.