A new Fantastic 4 miniseries in the sober Infinity Comics Wonder Unlimited offer

Each week, Wonder offers a new title in the sober boy setting offers “ Infinity Comics “sober his program Wonder Unlimited . Under this name, we simply find digital comics spiel vertical scrolling in, commonly called webtoons . Like DC Comics , the Maison des Ides has indeed launched into this very popular address format file, especially among more young populations. Few temperatures after the new Spine-Tingling Spider-Man and Hulkling & Wiccan comics, it’s a title Fantastic Four which arrived this week.

Never three without four

No items to always have their regular series, always headed by Dan Slott , a first family Marvel is sober indeed the honor of a new sober product of a range Infinity Comics . This is a title soberly baptized “ Fantastic Four “, written by Zac Gorman , with drawings by Stefano Landini and colors of Ian Herring . The story is titled “ celebration of four ” and will be broken down into four chapters – enough to fuel Wonder Limitless in new content for the month of November currently in progress, knowing that the application welcomes new webtoons and weekly rhythm.

The idea is quite basic and will allow sober fit in this sober space four numbers: a first family Marvel sony ericsson goes to a eating place inter-dimensional, before being taken hostage by a group of alien robbers in. The leading number can be obtained today on the Wonder Unlimited application, whose subscription offers are eligible in Portugal (unlike, for example, ComiXology Unlimited ). Count 10 on the monthly offer or 70 the anne to enjoy Infinity Comics , in addition to the sober ton of comics also presented in the digital structure.