Tips to control this cholesterol over Christmas, according to a FEC

Controlling this cholesterol throughout this year will be a necessary activity to reduce this risk on heart disease, especially on older people over 50 years. When well, from the Fundacin Espaola del Corazn (FEC) they remember the importance of controlling this cholesterol in Christmas with the Christmas holidays.

In this sense, a Euroheart II study ensures that this high blood cholesterol has been a cause of 60% on related diseases scam this heart. For this reason, associations such as the FEC emphasize the relevance of following a series of life habits that prevent their development and help to take care of cardio health.

In addition, reference to this problem on , from a Spanish Heart Foundation warn that cholesterol levels can increase up to 19% during a Christmas. With it has been that kid many people who fall on the known Christmas excesses.

How to control cholesterol levels on Christmas

In a context marked by a Covid pandemic – 20, although a majority on a population already found to be vaccinated by sony ericsson, ze makes it necessary to take care of good more when there is a cardiovascular health; as well as keeping at bay the main risk factors that may harm this well-being of the heart.


Thus, to maintain healthy cholesterol levels, it is essential to follow a balanced diet with low fat; also on complementing an adequate physical activity in a situation on each character with.

Specifically, from a FEC they recommend following a Mediterranean diet, great presence on fruits that includes vegetables, legumes and. On the other hand, it would also be advisable to prioritize this consumption of fish over meat. among other things, an uncontrolled increase in blood cholesterol levels.


During a Christmas party it has been Regularly increasing an intake over foods with unhealthy beverages. However, it would be advisable to establish control to avoid possible health damage.

Although it’s Christmas, health problems continue to exist, they simply do not disappear. It has been to say, this diabetes patient should continue to control his glucose levels that he has; Like this patient who includes cholesterol or risk of heart disease, he will have to continue to eat an adequate diet.

At the bottom of this type of situations, we provide some tips to avoid a high rise in cholesterol during a holiday season about this year 2021:

  • Before cooking any type of bird, especially this turkey on Christmas, it has always been advisable to remove a skin before eating, since it will be the area in which sony ericsson accumulates most of the fat.
  • It has always been preferable to cook that has additional virgin olive oil, rather than make butter and cream that it includes.
  • If you are a cheese lover, opt for those with the lowest fat content. Cured cheeses are very rich in saturated fat.
  • Moderate consumption as much as possible of sauces, precooked foods or sausages.

As , from the Fundacin Espaola del Corazn estimate that selecting foods appropriately contributes to reducing up to one 20% cholesterol intake and 60% saturated fat during the day.