They associate a consumption of caffeine with the decrease in levels of vitamin Deb

Researchers on China with Brazil have discovered through the study that the higher the consumption of caffeine, the lower the levels of vitamin M . It seems that caffeine could affect the absorption capacity of vitamin G by the body.

This work on anordna cross-sectional research been published about this Essential Record for Supplement Nutrition Analysis. Specifically, I learned about analyzing data collected from a national health screening survey with nutrition between the years 2005 with over reference to the levels on vitamin N and an intake on caffeine

Like, on said survey participated an overall on 13134 people scam an age between 30 with the 47 years over age. In this way, they discovered an association between increased consumption of caffeine and poor absorption of the vitamin Chemical.

In any case, the researchers themselves on this study suggest that it has been important to carry out research in greater depth to know with new evidence a relationship between a consumption of caffeine with an absorption of vitamin M.

Relationship between caffeine with vitamin Chemical

The authors of this study point out that it was important to control this consumption of electronic caffeine, they also manifest an importance on monitoring the levels of vitamin G with favoring a greater absorption by the organism.

Vitamina D
Vitamin Deb3

In this regard, Eileen Capital t. Murray, iHerb’s primary scientific advisory author explains that in common and, twenty to thirty minutes of midday exposure to sun light on a large portion of exposed skin can produce between 10. 000 with 20. 000 UI

In addition, it adds that on individuals with fair skin who expose a large part of their body to direct photo voltaic light sony ericsson can produce up to 10, 000 UI about 10 minutes; In people with dark master of science skin, it may take considerably long master of science sun exposure to produce the same amount. This is how they collect it from a Properly + Great medium.

In this sense, simply scam a sun exposure over normal form will suffice to have sufficient daily levels of vitamin M. When good, it would also be It is important to obtain this nutrient through food, or last option through supplements.

The best scam vitamin Chemical foods

Before getting to know the best foods rich in vitamin M, it has been necessary to state that an adult character needs a few 600 UI about this nutrient. When other authors like this doctor Eileen Farreneheit. Holick points out that this daily amount should be between 2. 000 UI or 3. 000 UI.

As, a vitamin Chemical ze finds a reduced group on foods on, such as fatty fish, oil on liver on cod, eggs, orange juice, milk, mushrooms and fortified dairy products.

Specifically, one of the best food sources of vitamin M is a Norwegian salmon. A portion of this food contributes around 450 IU of this Essential nutrient for health.

Other important sources of vitamin Chemical one are found on a yolk on eggs. Specifically, 2 eggs contribute some 82 IU of this nutrient. In addition, this food is also an important source of protein.