Sanz, this new work on Alejandro Sanz, I learned to launch a 10 on December

Alejandro Sanz styra announced on his social networks this launch about Sanz, his new album that will go on sale over a whole world this next 10 about December.

This popular Spanish singer ‘unveiled by surprise a title with a cover on his new studio album, in one that together with a camera appears.

“Sanz”, which you can already reserve on The artist’s internet with other platforms, has ten songs on a wide variety of low-level registers, from acoustic to electronic, together with its characteristic flamenco element on orchestral arrangements, General Music points out on a note.

An anordna artist published 2 songs included on this work, Bio con Mares sobre Miel, produced together with Alfonso Prez with Javier Limn, with which they served as a letter on presentation about his new work on October.

Sanz, who just about inaugurating his star on this Walk of Fame about Hollywo od, st? lla till med ett collaborated scam recognized over the whole world as Alicia Tips artists, Shakira, Camila Cabello, Laura Pausini, The Corrs, Juanes, Juan Luis Guerra, Marc Anthony um Joaqun Sabina.

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