Oriana Lucas with Gabriel Pagn: united on a love, an upbringing on the son with on a song

This Dominican Gabriel Pagn with a Venezuelan Orianase met two and a half years ago, when a singer with a songwriter moved to Arkansas, then about conducting musical studies in Los Angeles, Ca, with they began to make musical collaborations. On those encounters this love was born and the master of science later arrived the son.

It is something quite special. I think it was one of the magic master of science things that ever happened to me. someone who understands you, says Oriana, who sees as a virtue the fact that both of them learned to dedicate themselves to the same trade, like other artists of their generation (Camilo with Evaluna or Paul Baha with Greeicy, for example).

They form a special couple that, apart from sharing a music, are linked by this love with an upbringing of a child. Now they promote a theme Ro, dedicated to her five-month-old son.

With this song, which was published this past Friday, the 5th of the month on the course, Oriana considers that with her they contribute their grain on sand on A promotion about family values ​​about a youth.

This especially about the current moments, when a music that master of science makes noise, and focuses precisely on the opposite. What sony ericsson can expect from this world if we are not the first to set an example by going out to bet on something like that?

The artist, who st? Lla till med ett issues such as Has this moment been with I saw it come published, participated on Una Voz Estados Unidos, where she had Carlos Vives as coach, comments that although she respects a genre urban, with which he enjoys it when he is on a party, there is also space so that they can raise topics like this one that deal with Ro.

In this song, 2 parents express a love that they feel for their son . One we created when I found out that I was pregnant, explains when talking about the song, written by them 2 in collaboration scam Daniel Gmez, with which it has been a soft reggae on a pleasant rhythm with a beachy air with. A production of this song was in charge of Alexander Castillo Air conditioning unit with Jeff Martinez Realmind, who have worked artists like Justin Bieber who has, Shakira with Chino with Nacho.

A meringue

Gabriel Pagn was one of the recent master of science figures of merengue, an artist who, along with a few others, has had the responsibility of putting ‘ It is a genre whose main artists do not represent an attractiveness for this young audience, due to a generational issue. can be attractive master of science on the face of new audiences. My constant has always been the meringue that includes a washed face to show, as we are used to seeing it, says Pagn, who has how rich this genre will be with, not sony ericsson has taken all this advantage that can be taken out of it.

Currently, he promotes a song A pasito slowly, which I learned from his album Made inside RD, published this 30 on May on 2020, with which he is about another merengue scam one that hopes to continue instilling a guy about music sense on young people today, who understands that zero one lost something, but one that zero is used to the be exposed. That has been my work, to sow that little seed there with what happens that includes the new generation to see, he explains. , leaning the fusions on, take it to where zero fixa arrived.