Judy Santos presents Zero I can

This feeling and the elegance of Judy Santos’ voice can be heard in her new single Zero I can, which features a movie musical technology filmed in New York City.

Zero I can is about what it would be like to lose a great love, about zero having him master of science either in this physical or spiritual plane, with about what it has been like to be able to hug him with having him a new time. This song produced by Jos Luis Prez with Santos, with written by Judy herself, arises from the master of science deep in her heart, with leaves feeling a pain that causes death, transporting her lyrics to a private experience about it in, indicates a press release.

A music video of Zero I can was directed by this famous instagramer Cesar Castillo (@IvanManito) with an account with a leading role on an actress Alexandra Isabel Deleon, who this same year lived this death on her husband, making a good master of science live her interpretation. We faced, scam that we can all identify with, it was crucial, with myself reveals from the deep master of science, Judy said.

Zero I can about Judy Santos is available on all platforms such as Apple Music, Deezer, Spotify , among others, under a distribution about La Oreja Meida Team and sony ericsson reveals about a new music production by an artist who has plans to premiere at the beginning of 2022.