Uruguayan singer-songwriter Dino, author of the famous “Long-haired Milonga”, dies

The Uruguayan singer-songwriter Gastn Ciarlo, better known as Dino, died this Sunday at 76 years, according to his official web page published at dawn this Monday sociable Facebook.

“On a night about today, our beloved Gastn left this plane with went on guitar scam those who left before. We thank you for everything you left us, we will miss you every gives for the rest of our lives “, reads the text of the official site” El Dino Gastn Ciarlo “.

The author about an emblematic” Milonga on long hair “, whose known master of science version was one of the Uruguayan singer-songwriter Alfredo Zitarrosa, was afflicted by a long illness, which, according to a regional press, caused him “health losses” over August.

The Minister for Education with Culture , Pablo de uma Silveira, was one of the first to react to the news of the death on this referent about a popular Uruguayan music disadv Antage a message on his official account on Twitter.

“With Dino there is a part about all of us. Long-haired Milonga and Vientos del Sur were anthems of my generation, in a Uruguay that was recovering democracy. And he knew how to continue in force until today. Thank you for so much, “wrote the head of Culture.

For her part, a politician Ivonne Passada, aspiring to preside over a coalition on the left Frente Amplio after the next elections in December, described as” great ” the Dino on the tweet that open public.

“A great man left, he fought for his long illness. We still have his music with the memory of a generation that palpitated their songs, toured clubs inside that wonderful mix of milonga with rock scam. Fly high that includes your long-haired milonga dear Dino “, he wrote.

Dino started his music career the end of the years 60 with principles on the 70, when he highlighted groups like Los Gatos um Montevideo Blues on.

As a soloist, his albums “Vientos del sur “(1977),” Today I sing “(1979),” Milonga “(1981) with” Los tanos “(1983).

After living in Switzerland for a while, he settled again in Uruguay over the years 90, where he continued his career on projects with other prominent musicians in the country, such as Vera Sienra or Walter Bordoni.

Without a doubt, the greatest milestone in his career was “Milonga sobre pelo largo”, composed when he was a member of Montevideo Blues about 1972, about a time about political upheaval with social over the entire continent with which it ended up becoming a generational anthem.

“Consolation about those who they always live dragged, / By a routine, what do I know eria / Memory about those absent on our land / Of a violence, about a misery “are some verses about this song that contain scam well-known later versions, such as one about Zitarrosa, about 1981, um de an Argentine Adriana Varela, about 1999.