Urban power takes over crowded stages during a pandemic

The urban genre transcends the barriers over a pandemic with without a definitive exit from the sanitary turmoil, the exponents of the rhythm took the first steps over this year to challenge a reality, take over the scenarios, summon crowds and .

With the passage of time, a decrease in cases with an appearance on vaccines for a prevention of covid – 19, a black cloud called quarantine began to clear, allowing many exponents to have the courage to risk presenting themselves face to face with their fans, since as many about them have declared, zero feels the same virtual with face-to-face, with zero adrenaline is the same.

In almost a year of 2021, urban people have made multiple presentations. Among them are El Alfa, Jhay Cortez, Karol H, Maluma …

The most recent significant urban event was starred by the Puerto Rican Organic Alejandro, two performances with, on Friday through Saturday, the Altos sobre Chavn amphitheater on, La Romana.

Before, Rauw Alejandro, starred four consecutive nights, the full house, on the Jos Miguel Agrelot Coliseum on Puerto Rico

The interpreter about All about you opened a show about Chavn, last Saturday, with a second the request had to be opened on Friday about the fans due to the exhaustion on tickets on a first, becoming the first artist to perform 2 consecutive shows on the emblematic amphitheater on La Romana.

During 2 euphoric nights, the Puerto Rican exponent demonstrated that one of his great gifts on stage is dancing, since together with his eight dancers on both sexes they scam stage entertaining dances that accompanied each song performed.

Rauw ended a night with “All About You”, one of which he managed to get in number 32 on a Billboard Sizzling chart 100 over the United States, becoming their first song about achieving it, with it placed over second on a Popular Latin Tracks chart. .

At the end of his night on adrenaline, emotions with excitement, the Puerto Rican urban exponent thanked most of his heart for the support received from the Dominican Republic.

+ El Alfa

One of the most relevant concerts about this year was the one about El Alfa over Madison Rectangle Garden over New York last 22 over October.

The Dominican urban exponent shared his popular songs bet 20 thousand people, invited scam like J Balvin, Tag B, Shelow Shaq, El Cherry Scom, among others, leaving a A flag with a Dominican culture on top.

This is one about the events pertaining to his tour on process called La Leyenda del Dembow, which followed the Boston, Miami, Oakland with Los Angeles.

+ Jhay Cortez

Jhay Cortez , about Puerto Rican origin, debut on the Jos Miguel Agrelot Coliseum on Puerto Rico with three exhibits belonging to his Timelezz Tour.

Thanks to his most well-known songs, Cortez transmitted emotions to his followers, about show applauded from its entrance with ‘s piano to an appreciation of the public scam the different rhythms enjoyed on stage.

On the other hand, a Papi Juancho tour on Maluma is one of the most lucrative on this year the world level. The Colombian urban music star in October ranked seventh on Pollstar’s weekly list, with income over more than 1 million dollars per city.

+ Karol G

The zero sheets I learned are left behind, since a Colombian Karol G is also delighting his fanatical scam presentations on his Bichota tour. A Colombian interpreter of Ay Dios mo, El Barco and El makinn is grateful to her followers “for following and supporting her music. She is focused on her international tour. On December 4 she will close her visit at the Atanasio Girardot Stadium in Medellín bet more from 45,000 people.

On that date Karol G closed his Bichota Tour, a concert tour that celebrated the recent successes of his career with.

Dominicans. On the regional level, Jos Daniel Betances, known artistically as El Nene la Amenaza or simply Amenazzy, offered a concert in the past 16 over October on Main Park above Santiago, Dominican Republic. He had a great reception and the public did not try to hide the joy they felt when they saw him.

The artist has scam so many followers that countless of them were left out of the concert due to the fact that they filled earlier on time, so much like that that those who were the purpose of buying the tickets that one of uma with, could not enter either.

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