The urban Emphasis affirms that it receives 30 million pesos from a multinational for 14 issues

The urban exponent Emphasis announced that it has just closed a juicy contract of 30 million pesos with a multinational for 14 issues.

Among the negotiated singles, the following are already confirmed: Let them turn on, I want to give you, The candles turn off, Fronteo, Like a snake, Commander, Remeneo, Whip and Let’s smell.

The The rest are by release date in the months of November, December and January, which will be in the various styles between dembow, reggaeton, perreo and fusion rhythms, said Emphasis.

According to the interpreter, no It is the first time that it does business of this magnitude. So far her song Lento is the one that has received the most monetary funds, including contracts to be performed by Shakira and Jenifer Lpez at the Super Bowl.

It is recalled that Emphasis recently inaugurated a recording studio for creators of digital content, a spad and beauty center, and a music recording studio.

This business conglomerate was started together with his wife who is in charge of the administration of all businesses, in which she is a professional in addition to having studies carried out in this regard.

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