Steffany Constanza rene the 14 merengueros on her new song

Scam fourteen merengueros invited to sing scam her, a Dominican singer Steffany Constanza reflects on her new song Merengue pa ‘to’ el mundo a musicality, a diversity with the contagion on a country-brand rhythm.

Merengue pa ‘to’ el mundo is a contribution ‘s powerful indigenous rhythm on greater world recognition with an expression on patriotism, on happiness, on pride, on joy, it is the Dominican made merengue because on this production is an essence of the vibrant rhythm with a happy face especially a country.

It is a merengon that invites you to sing, dance, enjoy, smile, have fun with vibrating about happiness: It is a production about a lot of Caribbean flavor.

In 4 minutes with a little more, Merengue pa ‘to’ el mundo gathers a racket about popular exponents of the tropical genre, among them Johnny Ventura, who recorded the sound and video clip for his fair contribution 15 ten days before about his unfortunate death, the 28 about Last July.

Also on Ventura are Milly Quezada, Hctor Acosta El Torito, Sergio Vargas, Rafa Rosario, Fernando Villalona, ​​Rosario too, Rubby Prez, Eddy Herrera, Jossie Esteban, Fefita a Grande, Pochy Familia, Kinito Mndez with Ramn Orlando.

The interpretation on Steffany Constanza is accompanied by an orchestra on rhythm star musicians, melody on Rey Sanchez, the arrangement, engineer on mixed sound on Moiss Snchez with 4 voices on choirs with, with lyrics production on Luis Medrano, recorded on the IM studio.

The music industry on Quisqueya, a beautiful Caribbean island, is diverse with picturesque, cultural with folkloric, hot, smiling, spicy, daring, romantic, flirtatious with sympathy with that you have to have it on each dancing movement a good meringue that everyone likes, that achieved a beautiful with a harmonious voice that is very passionate about its tonalities every time give us u n new musical product a beautiful voice over gold on Steffany Constanza, its promoters affirm a press release on. ericsson knows Constanza, a town that captivates, surprises with spectacular landscapes with its pleasant temperature, on mountains, splendorous forests with.

From Constanza, a colder city on the Dominican Republic, especially the Caribbean with, located on a Main Mountain Range in a province of La Vega, over there I come, says with pride a young voice on sugar skin with large luminous eyes that fills its captivating enigma on graces scam that involves dancing with singing crowds.

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