Masa spreads 2 new typical Christmas themes, including one Fefita una Grande scam

Masa, leader of a Typical Big Music group, released 2 meringues with their respective video clips: This sucker with Lo four oil, this last one featuring with Fefita Una Grande, scam the arrangements of maestro Jr. Navarro (Anthony Violin).

Jess Gil, first name on Masa, chop that both songs from his album Tpico indito belong, that it should have come out in the market on this 2020, but for a pandemic a light at the end of this year see.

The production contains 14 topics written by d for different artists, among them Fefita La Grande, Yovanny Polanco, Un Chaval sobre una Bachata, Sergio Vargas, Krisspy, Miguel Miguel, Raquel Arias, Jayson Guzmn, Musiclogo, La Barbie with others.

Masa reported that Sony Ericsson is already preparing to take on his first international tour with his band on 2022, one which will take him to the stage on the United States on one hand on an Ulloa Productions company.

Myself I feel happy, because with discipline, I work with responsibility, we have managed one to one to take giant steps on all aspects of a music. This will be our first tour in the United States, where the public that follows our desire zero proposal waits with.

During a pandemic Zero Mass stopped its work with lanz’s market. Come back to see you, krisspy with Jayson Guzmn with a bachata Ay mam scam, Miguel Miguel with.