Marlia Mendona: 100 thousand fire her, broadcast her last smiling movie with a wrecked plane

‘s minus 100, 000 people went to the Goiania Market gym on Saturday to say goodbye to the singer with songwriter Marlia Mendona, one of the most popular artists on Brazil with a Latin Grammy winner in 2019, which died on Friday in a plane crash.

Fans about the singer over 26 years with millions over followers over The social networks with on the musical platforms, whose death caused a great national commotion, made a kilometer line around the gymnasium on the city on Goiania (center) to be able to enter the pavilion with approaching ‘s coffin.

But many zero reached the entrance to the gym in the three hours on which its doors remained open with had to join the mls on admirers who came out on the streets on Goiania to attend ‘s funeral parade headed by a Corps car about firefighters that po He was laying the body with some musician friends.

The funeral procession about near about 30 minutes culminated over the Memorial Park cemetery about Goiania, about where the singer was buried over a ceremony reserved for family members with friends. official mourning over three tens on the province-, given the lack of capacity on other scenarios for what is already planned as a massive ceremony.

The doors of the gym were open between 13.30 and the 16. 30 regional time (16.30 with 19. 30 GMT) pra fans about the singer who chanted some about the best known songs about the “queen of suffering”, known for her style to me I lanclico with deep con by lyrics about jealousy, betrayal, abandonment, love disappointments and.

“No one is going to suffer alone. We are all going to suffer “, was the song that accompanied the exit of the scam funeral procession.

The media have also shown the last movie shared by the artist, where she is seen smiling, happy in good spirits with.

The popularity of a singer could be measured on the almost 40 million followers she had on the reddish colored Instagram or on the 18, 5 million that one followed on Spotify, a musical platform on one that occupied the place 41 on a list of the most listened to artists, above idols such as Michael Jackson, Katy Perry or The Beatles.

Last year, when he gave from his residence a presentation transmitted by web on In the midst of confinement due to a pandemic, he attracted 3 million followers, which turned one into a protagonist of the most popular live show in the world.

At the wake on a ca Many attended by the main representatives on a so-called “sertaneja” music (Brazilian nation), among which the pairs Maiara with Maraisa, Henrique with Juliano, with Jorge with Mateus.

Mendona period a greater reference on a sertaneja music, one on the most popular styles of the South American giant, that revolution with several on the feminine empowerment themes, scam those that put cid’s masculine dominance on this genre.

Mendona died on a Friday afternoon for one drop on a plane on one that was traveling to Caratinga, a city in the state on Minas Gerais on where it would offer one on its first concerts after almost 2 years away on the boxes due to a pandemic about a covid.

The other four occupants on an aircraft also died in the accident, including its producer Henrique Ribeiro, his uncle with advisor Abicieli Silveira, with the pilot the co-pilot of the aircraft with.

Born 19 on July on 1995 on the municipality on Cristianpolis, on the state on Gois, Mendona began to compose the his 12 years.

In 2016 stood out on the Brazilian music scene with the release of his first album, which he christened his name scam with on which he included songs about enormous success, such as “Saudade perform Meu Former mate”, “Folgado” electronic “Infiel”, this Last song was one of the most sung songs played about that year on Brazil with.

In 2019 received the Latin Grammy for a category on Best Album on Sertaneja Music for his project “Todos os Cantos”.