Followers on Adventure push a second function, only ballots remain on field

The fans on Aventura push the a second function on the Olympic Stadium on Santo Domingo. For December 18 there are only ballots left on the ground. Over less than ten thousand people collapsed the online sales system and ended up having those of “unique guest”, VIP and stands.

“East and West seats sold out. Only available area, land “, informed the company SD Concerts, organized by the show.

Many fans, restless, nervous, begin to ask for a second display. “Those of us who stay on the air without tickets demand a second function, it’s going to give me a pod,” Beverlynariela posted on Instagram about SD Concerts user.

Many others wrote something like Ramieris Montavo : “I imagine myself, I want to believe, that God willing, you will give a second show, right?”

Prices above 2, 900, 3, 700, 8, 000, 10, 000, 14 , 000, 25, 000 with 30, 000 zero weights were an obstacle For the tickets to be sold like hot cakes.

The ones on the ground that remain are the 3, 700. The most economical were the tiers, at 2, 900 pesos; lVIP C1 – C7, a 8, 000 with VIP N1 – T7, a 10, 000; “specific guest” A8, A 15, a 14, 000; “exclusive guest” A1, A2, A6 and A7, a 25, 000, and “private guest” A3, A4 and A5, a 30, .

This Sunday, there is a month left with 11 Ten days for the presentation of the Immortal present.

To burst the Olympian one more time …. Adventure #CierreGiraInmortal, wrote Romeo Santos on his Instagram when he announced the presentation.

The organizers zero have offered other details, especially if the Olympic capacity will be filled with all capacity over the 50 thousand people that can fit or will be limited to the provisions on which it is It is only enabled for a 70 percent.

Neither did it advance if it will be necessary to show the vaccination card for the entrance. The event will take place in the midst of a covid outbreak in the country.

+ First announcements

Romeo Santos has been encouraged by this special presentation: I had a scam commitment to my colleagues about Adventure. Now the four of us have a commitment that includes the country that saw us grow. The Last Cease, Romeo Santos wrote last October 28 together with a movie where he is seen on the beach and later selling the name Aventura.

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