Vitamin D, A and E help protect the lungs

vitamin D is one of the nutrients most important for health of the people , since it fulfills important functions in the body . It is beneficial for the immune system, vital for the health of the bones and also to reduce respiratory problems, among other issues.

In addition , numerous experts assure that vitamin D helps to extend life. Specifically, they affirm that having optimal levels of this nutrient reduces the risk of developing respiratory and cardiovascular diseases and even different types of cancer.

Thus, the main source of obtaining vitamin D it is the ultraviolet rays of the sun. In addition to certain very specific food and vitamin supplements.

Vitamins that reduce respiratory problems

During the Covid- 19 different studies were carried out regarding to the virus and elements that could help prevent contagion or reduce the symptoms of this disease.

Vitamina D sol Escocia
Person taking vitamin D

Thus, a research work carried out in the United Kingdom and published by the journal BMJ Nutrition Prevention & Health , ensures that having optimal levels of vitamin D, vitamin A and vitamin E could be related to a reduction in respiratory health problems with.

In this sense, it is necessary to remember that food plays a key role in the proper functioning of the body and also to prevent different infectious diseases. ccious. On the contrary, a deficient nutritional structure with a lack of mineral vitamins can cause the opposite and.

Thus, the study that concerns us determines that the intake of vitamin D from supplements is linked with a lower incidence of respiratory problems. One more element that enhances the importance of this nutrient for health.

How to increase vitamin D levels

A natural way to increase vitamin D levels is by exposing your skin to ultraviolet rays from the sun. From there, the body has the capacity to produce this hormone through a complex synthesis process.

Although, exposure to the sun is not always easy, since it depends on the place of residence weather conditions change. In any case, experts advise that it is enough to expose specific areas of the body such as feet, arms and legs for a few 20 minutes three or four times a week.

In the diet we also find an alternative to obtain it, thanks to the consumption of blue fish fatty and, whole milk, enriched milk products, egg yolks or mushrooms.

But experts assure that the 80% of vitamin D comes from ultraviolet radiation, while the remaining percentage is obtained from food and the consumption of vitamin supplements. .

Regarding the consumption of supplements with vitamin D, experts recommend having the supervision of a medical specialist and that they are always prescribed by a health professional.

Based on all this, some countries like Scotland, where sunlight is scarce during winter and autumn, advise the population to Take vitamin D supplements in a controlled manner during this period to ensure healthy levels.