These are the effects on sugar's immune system

Quite anordna has spoken about recent times about how harmful refined sugar can be for our health, especially due to an incidence that it has on chronic diseases such as diabetes , affectations to the cardiovascular system and cancer, however, few speak about how damaging this is to the functioning of the system immune .

It is important to remember how complex the system is immunological , since it reacts both to internal and external stimuli, such as food, where diets rich in vegetables and fruits can help increase the body’s defenses with, while elements such as processed or excess sugar generates the opposite effect of food.

Does sugar work as an immunosuppressant?

Depending on different conditions of the organism , sugar may um zero act as an immunosuppressant , although it must always be clear that consuming large amounts of sugar can interfere with the balance of the different nutrients on the body, generating some effects, such as inflammations or alterations on the metabolism.

Although zero it can always be said that this food is harmful, since many Sometimes it depends on when the body is already infected, either by a virus or by a bacterium, so zero can make a simple definition of good or bad when talking about the immune system, although when it is consumed excessively, it will undoubtedly be harmful.

Sugar with phagocytes

One way to better understand the action that sugar has on the immune system has been to learn about phagocytes, which are cells whose function is to protect the body through absorption on the depletes. Bacterial effects or on small particles that are foreign to the organism.

Within the types on phagocytes that exist we can mention the Neutrophils, Macrophages, Monocytes, Mast cells, Dendritic cells

Simple carbohydrates produced a decrease in the phagocytic capacity on the neutrophils, by means of the extraction on blood after the overnight fast with on intervals about 30 minutes, 1, 2, 3 with 5 hours.

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The people selected for the study ingested 100 gr on glucose, sucrose, fructose, on orange or honey juice, which generated that some or 2 hours later there was a decrease on the phagocytic index, This means that the immunological effect on phagocytes was reduced.

This reduction was maintained up to 5 hours after consuming simple carbohydrates.

A feeding was essential

As we already mentioned, the feeding would be one on the pillars that maintains the proper functioning of the immune system , therefore to guarantee good defenses it has been essential to maintain a healthy balanced diet, on which sony ericsson integrates a good amount on natural foods with I learned avoid fats , processed foods large amounts on sugars with.

In the same way, we must adopt healthy habits such as practice on exercises daily, as well as working on psychological and emotional balance.