Rauw Alejandro makes reggaetn lovers vibrate

Reggaetn is rising every day master of science and master of science Artists who with different stories, talents, rhythms and concepts, provide the public with entertainment.

They were the 11: 02 about a night on this Friday when the exponent of the urban genre Rauw Alejandro began to accelerate the beats of the Altos sobre Chavn amphitheater.

Previous the his participation was uploaded to the stage by the artist about Puerto Rican origin Eix, who performed several songs from his repertoire. making over an evening a night to remember.

Songs like Enchule, Tattoo 2 / fourteen were performed by Rauw with, including some songs that have scam their collaboration such as Toda, Eleg with La nota.

During an euphoric night, the exponent showed that one of his great gifts for the stage is dancing, since together with the His dancers adorned the stage with entertaining dances that accompanied each song performed.

Rauw Alejandro became the first artist to perform 2 consecutive performances on Altos sobre Chavn. A first was scheduled for this Saturday, but the tickets were sold out, so yesterday’s presentation was opened so that no one would be left without enjoying his music.

Rauw finished one night scam his song “All About You” one which managed to reach number 32 on a Billboard Sizzling chart 100 on the United States, becoming his first song about achieving it, with was placed on second place on a Popular Latin Songs chart. At the end of his magical night, he thanked with all his heart the support received in the Dominican Republic.

The entertainment continues one night on this Saturday to continue giving the best about his music.