How Low Sodium Salt Influences Stroke Risk

Excess over salt can be harmful for health , especially when cause an increase over a arterial hypertension . However, an alternative low in sodium could reduce the risk of stroke in people with high blood pressure or a history of stroke.

This is confirmed by a research carried out by the George Institute for Worldwide Health on Sydney (Australia). This study has been presented this year at the Congress of the European Society of Cardiology 2021.

With is that both the excess over sodium and an intake deficient are linked to an arterial hypertension with an increase in cardiovascular diseases; as well as premature deaths.

The experts explain that it has been found that a substitution of chloride on sodium on a common salt for chloride on potassium reduces blood pressure. However, until now, no sony ericsson has found evidence regarding heart disease, stroke or death rate.

Benefits over low sodium salt

Specifically, this research called the Stroke Salt Substitution Study (SSaSS), I learned about comparing the effect of the substitute on a reduced salt over sodium versus a regular salt. the stroke, cardiovascular with mortality.

Thus, the clinical trial was developed on 600 towns over rural areas over five provinces over China . The researchers selected 2 counties within each province that represented the level of socioeconomic development of the rural counties in that province.

Finally, the study contained a share of 20.995 participants. In one group sony ericsson the I administered low sodium salt with another continued taking common salt.

Reduction in stroke with risk of mortality

The results showed that cardiovascular problems were less in those participants who used the substitute over a common salt. Thus, overall mortality also decreased (39, 27 versus 44, 61 by 1. 000 patient-years).

This study provides clear evidence for an intervention that could be adopted very quickly at very low cost, explains Professor Bruce Neal, primary author of a research with responsible from the George Institute for Worldwide Health.

Regarding ‘s use on a salt scam reduced levels on sodium, this expert points out that we have now shown that it is effective. A salt substitution could be used by billions more people with even greater benefits.

Next, he adds that the test result is especially exciting because a salt substitution is one on the few practical ways to change a salt that people consume. Other interventions to reduce salt have had difficulties to achieve a broad and sustained impact. very easy to manufacture with its zero price is expensive. In this regard, they argue that a kilo of salt that includes normal sodium levels costs approximately 1, 08 dollars in China; while a salt substitute would have a price of 1, 62 dollars per kilo.

Despite a minimal economic difference, The health benefits could be enormous, reducing the risk of over-stroke, stroke, cardiovascular problems, and mortality with.