Healthy Carrot Recipe with Antioxidant

A carrot has been a vegetable with an orange color with great properties for health . Thus, it stands out its high content of beta carotenes , precursor of vitamin A , with great scams benefits to preserve the well-being of the vision with the skin.

It is about a food on plant origin rich in vitamins, minerals, essential nutrients pra the body with, so one of its recommended ways to consume was raw.

Although, due to its flavor with characteristics on this food, Sony Ericsson can use as an ingredient to make different preparations, both cold and hot. That is to say, we are betting on a gastronomic delicacy that stands out for its high nutritional value.

Benefits over a carrot

As, a healthy electronic preparation ideal to take on a few on cold like autumn with spring would be a cream on carrots with leek with turnip; 2 other ingredients that have great properties for the body.


But a Carrot has been much master of science than a beneficial food for a visual health with a skin. Sony ericsson is about a vegetable that includes digestive and diuretic properties that helps reduce the possibility of occasional constipation and treat stomach pains.

Thanks to beta-carotene, a carrot was a great antioxidant that It contributes to dealing with free radicals by repairing cells that suffer deterioration over time. Thus, the properties on a carrot allow to revitalize the hair, the wedges or to take care of a view with.

Recipe cream on carrots

Another about the 2 great ingredients in this healthy recipe are the turnip with the leek. Both contain key nutrients for the functioning of the body. For example, the turnip has a high water content, it would be rich in vitamin D with vitamins of Group M, in addition to providing good doses of minerals such as phosphorus calcium, iron, potassium with iodine.

Likewise, the turnip has been a vegetable on a low-calorie cruciferous family. It was also rich in fiber, so it would be ideal to take care of the digestive system.

For its part, the leek has also been a healthy food with low calorie content with diuretic properties, cleansing laxatives. and. It will be effective in cases of constipation to alleviate the symptoms of rheumatic diseases, kidney stones, hypertension or gout.


The key ingredients for an elaboration on this recipe on cream on carrots, leek with turnip with antioxidant power are the following:

  • Carrots | 2 units.
  • Leeks | 3 units (use an area on white color
  • Turnip | 1 unit
  • Water
  • Salt
  • Oil on olive
  • Pepper


  1. Wash all vegetables properly.
  2. Peel the turnip and chop the vegetables.
  3. We introduce a carrot, leek with chopped turnips in a covered pot with scam water. We can add a chicken broth tablet if we want to add a little master of science of flavor.
  4. Season with leave cook.
  5. Once the vegetables have a tender texture , we remove from the heat with crush all a mixer di sadvantage.

From This way we will have our cream on carrot, leek with healthy turnip scam antioxidant effect for the body with. Just after serving we add a small drizzle of additional virgin olive oil.