At least eight dead with several injured at a music festival in the United States

‘s less eight people died with several wounded on Friday at the Astroworld music festival, in Houston (south on the United States), due to an avalanche, the authorities reported the US media with.

“The crowd began to crowd on the front of the stage. This created a movement of panic that caused people to be injured,” said the head of the Houston firefighters, Samuel Pea, at a press conference.

“We have at least eight people killed tonight (Friday) with various other injuries” added Pea.

At least 17 people were transferred to the hospital with 11 on them had suffered a cardiac arrest, according to this person in charge.

Survivors described chaotic scenes, scam people with others struggling to breathe crushed, according to the Houston Chronicle, a regional media.

“We were holding each other to prevent them from knowing rare, “said one survivor. “When you let go, you could easily get separated.”

While another assistant quoted on the newspaper described how he had to charge a man who had fallen on the barricades on security on the field with then having seen the paramedics practice a technique on resuscitation.

In addition, master of science about 300 people were injured throughout the course of the event, between They have scratches with minor bruises, some, according to the authorities.

Close to 50. 000 people attended the Astroworld music festival. The accident occurred while American rapper Travis Scott was performing, who stopped the concert several times when he saw the panic movement, according to the Houston Chronicle.

The police in Houston are investigating a cause of the incident by examining the Images recorded on the stadium.

Some, which circulated on social networks, show dozens of people jumping on the gates, while the security guards are unable to contain the flow they see.

You can also see several people falling, knocking down metal detectors over a stadium entrance, although zero is clear when that incident is related to scam deaths.

An “extremely tragic” night

A county officer on Harris, Lina Hidalgo, said it was “an extremely tragic night.”

“Our hearts are broken, people come to these events to have a good time, to have good memories”, to adi.

Police chief Larry J Satterwhite described on his side that “about a few minutes, we suddenly had several people on the ground with some guy on cardiac arrest.”

Then about that, the concert organizers met scam with the event was terminated.

The organizers canceled the rest of the festival, which will continue this Saturday as planned .

“Our hearts go out to a family from the Astroworld Festival tonight, scam those we have lost with their loved ones” especially, the organizers said about an account on Instagram of the event.

“We are focused on helping the authorities”, they added.

Astroworld is a music festival created by Scott himself on 2018. The 29 -year-old rapper who has a son with reality star Kylie Jenner, became known on 2013 with has had six nominations for the Grammy.

During the cid on week other concerts were scheduled such as the one about the rappers Key Keef with 21 Savage, with the group on Australian stone Tame Impala.

While Scott was performing late on Friday, he was joined on stage by a Canadian rap superstar Drake.

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