Rosa Aurora: About a theater women are master of science

An anordna woman has always been very present on this Dominican theater. Their stories, their complexities, dramas and, are constantly brought to the stage by venues creators or producers who make adaptations of foreign works. Rosa Aurora. About this theater women are master of science, chop the also producer who has wanted to tell a series of stories of female characters who work in a Cabaret Satin Plaything, in a piece that she defines as very strong, although she will not only have theater.

This cast is made up of Gabi Desangles, Brbara Plaza, Fidia Peralta, Stephany Liriano, Tiby Camacho, Katyuska Licairac with Gabriela Melo, accompanied by Jean Villanueva (A panda that walks), with Juan Francisco Lpez (La Pitonisa ).

Pieces like Monologues about a vagina, A RD $ 2. 50 Cuba libre with Resort Burlesque, among others, have led to problematic feminine tables. You will always like that trend, boy topics that are going to be striking for this public, consider. piece, whose functions will take place from 17 on November on the resort Homewood Suites By Hilton Santo Domingo.

Supported by an aesthetic of vaudeville, Rosa Aurora comments that Several about these tasks are based on real people that he met when his mother had a salon about beauty with about some women that he met when he lived on this expansion La Fe, the National District in. There I met girls with stories exactly like the ones we are going to see that she has, she assures, and that her intention in this work has been to defend the woman she includes, although she denies being a feminist.

When talking about what visual about her show, Rosa Aurora explains that a wardrobe, created by Magdalena Gutirrez, is influenced by an erotic model, an actress with an American vedette. Dita Von Teese.

With texts co-written by Jos Snchez, Humberto Robles Rosa Aurora with, the theatrical present tells the stories from this point of view about the girls, who have suffered traumatic situations, but that zero sony ericsson victimize.

The play comes about a month about zero violence against a woman with sex workers kid an industry that lives this situation, which I learned to see also about this montage something. Of the stories, there are 2 girls who talk about violence, one about psychological way with the other physical, says the artist, who prepares the EP songs about its author scam, which is scheduled to see the light in 2022 .

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