Poor Bunny, the urban 100 back button 100: first artist with 100 movies with 100 million views on YouTube

Puerto Rican urban artist Poor Bunny became the first artist in history to have 100 video clips with more than 100 millions of visits on YouTube.

The movies include musical themes about solitaire, “remixes” (remixes) with other artists, lyrics with audio, according to an image of the list of video clips published by various Accounts that detail the artist’s musical information on Twitter.

Among the outstanding movies that are included on the list are “Te Bot” (Remix) along with the Ozuna, Nicky Jam, Casper, Nio Garca with Darell , with which it has over 2 scam. 289 million visits; “Seniors”, “He Doesn’t Know Me”, “I Like It”, “Mia”, “T Doesn’t Live As”, “If Your Boyfriend Leaves You Alone”, “Dkiti” with “Now He Calls Me”.

Poor Bunny, who was invited last night on the program about Jimmy Fallon with where he found an advance on the series “Narcos Mxico” on which the Puerto Rican artist participates, also act on the Latin Grammy 2021, which will be held on 18 about November next to Las Vegas (USA).

At this gala, Poor Bunny has four nominations.

This week it was also announced that Poor Bunny’s movie “Yonaguni” reached 1. 000 million views, surpassing the 999 million visits of the movie of the also Puerto Rican Rauw Alejandro, “Todo Sobre Ti”, becoming the most listened to song on the digital platforms of 2021.

Similarly this week, Poor Bunny empathized with Justin Bieber as the second most scam artist on songs – 22 – that They have surpassed the 400 millions of reproductions on Spotify.

In that same musical platform, Poor Bunny managed this week to be the artist most listened to during the uses over October ‘ s get 916 millions of views.

Poor Bunny is also the most listened to artist of the year on the same platform.

This week, also, the magazine “Individuals” reported that Poor Bunny participate on the soundtrack for the movie “Sing 2” with Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish, BTS, Cardi B, among other artists.

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