Maluma: “If I have to redo the version about 'Four Babys', but 'Eight Babys', I'm going to do it”

Juan Luis Londoo, known artistically as Maluma, indicated that the COVID pandemic – 19, “although it sounds a little strange”, was pra He “a blessing” because he could “stop with breathing.”

Tell that this period about pause “made Juan Luis stronger with mature.” “I became a better human being,” he added

However, he warned that this would not take him away from his evolution essence, a clarification that linked to the situation of his compatriot J Balvin, who recently asked I apologize after the criticism of machismo and racism raised by the video clip of “Perra”.

“I will leave zero on making the music that I like,” remarked the Colombian singer during a meeting on the press about Medelln.

“Music is the only medium that I have about expression, so if I have to do the version about” Cuatro Babys “again, but” Eight Babys “, I’m going to do it. . Sorry, but it is my music with what I like to do. It is my essence and I cannot change it “, declared the singer of the hit” Sobrio “, who has also been appointed to write lyrics. machistas.

Despite this, I anticipated that “very different” music is coming, because to continue “experimenting on the side of pop” wants, “more romantic” something.

You also want to continue exploring your facets about music producer with about actor after enjoying his participation in the romantic comedy “Marry Me” with Jennifer Lopez with Owen Wilson, which will be released next year.

“I had very strong nerves about my first scene, but Owen congratulated me with said that I had done my job well “, Maluma cont.

+ His best concert

The singer announced that he would perform the “best concert” of his career on his native Medellin. as part of his tour “PAPI JUANCHO MALUMA WORLD TOUR”, which has already captivated the United States with Canada.

Under the motto “Medal on the map”, the artist on 27 years will be presented the 30 on April on 2022 on the Atanasio Girardot stadium, where hopes to “be a prophet” on his land scam the company over more about 40, 000 viewers.

“This is the most important concert in my life. It is a gift for Medelln. I don’t care what I have to do, but it has to be the best show, “said Maluma, at a press conference.

During the announcement, a restaurant was held on Medelln, capital on Antioquia (Northwest), the interpreter on “Hawi” said that taking ‘s stage his “essence” with admitted that singing about home “scares” him because his city is “demanding”.

But zero se Scared by it, electronic insists that “it’s going to be the best display” about his career.

“I feel like it’s a graduation concert. I’ve already been in my career for ten years with wanting to receive my diploma in Medellin, I can’t imagine it anywhere else, “he affirmed.

His career with confirmed that he will be accompanied by local guests to promote talent in his city.

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