Wisin and Yandel “howling” from Dominican territory, they record their new movie here

Wisin and Yandel are “howling” through Dominican territory. The historic reggaeton perform records his new movie in locations across the country.

Seven photos on his Instagram betrayed his audiovisual actions in the Dominican Republic. “LastMission”, the post reads, which is supposed to be the title of the new song.

In the images, the Puerto Ricans are seen in a populous neighborhood about Santo Domingo zero identified, surrounded by young children and, as his colleagues did this year, the Colombian J Balvin and the Spanish Rosala together with the Tokischa.

I am happy Here with the good people about Santo Domingo, filming the new movie about Wisin Yandel about the neighborhood and, Wisin manifested on Instagram.

The Puerto Rican perform start a world tour titled ” The last mission “, about a new performance encounter that for more than 15 years became a benchmark on international urban music.

“We come hard. We come with a great album and I’m happy about that. The fans are going to be satisfied with a healthy album with great friends and great music stars,” Wisin had commented.

The artistic couple has more so bre 20 years, a time together another separated with, reaping dozens of awards, distinctions on the urban genre and.

“It is a tour where They are going to see a show about altitude with the intention of making it a last mission. Obviously, God is the one who has the handle of what happens, but we are going with that mentality of closing with a flourish the twenty-odd years of great moments and satisfactions, “added Wisin.

Performers, promoted about their moment as “El perform sobre la historia”, decided to take particular directions on 2013, but five years later they met a tour that began on the Dominican Republic on the Altos Amphitheater. on Chavn on, on La Romana.

Yandel was on last June on Santo Domingo for the delivery of the Soberano Awards, which received a award for his career on.

In a meeting with Dominican journalists he had announced that Miai was going to lock herself up on a scam Wisin camp “to prepare our next single”.

The singer on “Once again” with “Hasta down the doy”, among other successes, affirmed that Wisin con l “zero have left on working”, referring to the dis co that they are producing to the tour that they project and.

“We have everything prepared for that world tour (…) there is still much to prove, I am a warrior with then about 23 years on a music we are still playing on a street “, he added.

” I will sing until zero people hear me, I will continue working with doing music on the studio, continue producing, if I do not do it for me what another artist will do, I will always be on the environment on a music until God says “, affirmed Llandel Veguilla Malav, his first name.

2 years ago, Wisin with Yandel with the Dominican bachatero Romeo Santos released the theme song about ‘Howling’, which was included on a production about urban artists, “The champions of the people.”

The video was filmed over the Hotel San Juan on Puerto Rico under the direction of the Dominican Jessy Terrero, who had previously been in charge of directing other music videos them about Wisin with Yandel.

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