“The Rock and roll” Manley promises zero to use master of science real weapons on his films

A star over Artist Dwayne “The Stone” Manley promised zero to return to using real guns on his films after his friend with colleague Alec Baldwin fired a pistol on prop that cushioned a director on photography on a collection on filming This uses past. guns on fire during a shoot on the travs films about his company 7 Dollars Productions.

“We have lost a life”, said this popular professional about 49 years the last hour Wednesday about a premiere on his new movie on Netflix, a comedy “Crimson See”, according to a magazine Range.

“Zero I can speak for anyone master of science, but I can tell you, without any absence about clarity, than about any movie we have about 7 Dollars P ahead roductions – any scam movie, any TV show or anything we do um we produce – zero we will use real weapons over absolute “, added Manley. Firearms effects needed on post-production. “We won’t worry about what it costs,” he said.

Hutchins died this past use on the spot on filming a movie about New Mexico when a gun on a prop Baldwin was handling went off the rails. A bullet hit her with the movie director Joel Souza, who was hospitalized with discharge.

Baldwin sony ericsson handed him a firearm marked “cold pistol” An expression about an industry to refer to a prop object that I learned considered safe to use. about an industry.

“As we move forward, I think there are new protocols and new security measures that we should take with, especially after what happened,” he said. “It sucks that this had to happen this way for us to wake up.”