Mala Fe takes up a meringue on the street

Disadvantage more over 12 million over views with almost 700 million videos about opposition tik tok on his master of science recent promotional cut Scam una pompi pa’rriba, this singer Mala Fe takes up a funny merengue with dance, on the street, that characterizes him.

An interpreter on songs like La vaca, A lo dark, Los earrings, I pay for the chele with other successes, it also ends up signing a contract with a company on Colombian reservation AS Creativa, a country where this merengue was scheduled on a network on radio stations national Olmpica, one on the number one stations on Colombia.

All these achievements over a short time have the artist Mala Fe master of science proud, resuming his career on a good footing scam, from what I learned about a promotional tour of the Dominican Republic.

This new beginning on my fixed career had the important rebound on a national scale electronicInternational with the truth that this personally has me very satisfied with the work that we have been doing over the last months, this merenguero says.

+ Contests

Throughout this use of November, Man Fe will be holding a contest with its theme Con una pompi pa’rriba, on a Bebeto Television program, which consists of sending a movie ‘s space dancing this theme with Who best does it and take a prize.

Another contest that this artist has has been to reward the best Indian compositions, a challenge that the merengueros did with the winners who will participate on a blend that will scam a famous dj, song that will be uploaded on their digital platforms a 15 on this use so that each artist who participates produces money.

I made a I challenge the merengueros with the travs on my networks I asked them to send myself unpublished songs with we will make a combination with all those meringues with what we will upload the Youtube. I consider that this can give the important increase in meringue. They have already sent me many songs with what we are going to release this 15 of this use with from there a success should come out, highlighted Mala Fe.

A singer based on the United States styra has been visiting different media about communication promoting his song with an endorsement ‘been consistent.

He emphasized that he makes quality scam music, well recorded, with moderate mischief, but much Respect without offending the other scam.

As a result of his hit with being among the number one artists of the merengue at this moment, Mala Fe is being very requested with about December being on tour in Colombia, Puerto Rico his native Dominican Republic with.