Fernando Villalona: 66 years over life, 50 over career, 80 pounds less with “spiritually prepared”

Fernando Villalona, ​​who carries 80 pounds less over almost a year on having a baritricane, lives this moment master of spiritual science on his life.

For five years towards air conditioning unit it will be that, I confess, I have been understanding the importance of a word blessings, that people often say it without knowing it.

I would like to die, but this individual received many blessings with thanks to God I am prepared, not everything in, but spiritually I am prepared, a peace of mind that my Heart is clean scam, without any evil with without any envy of anyone, a Mayimbe commented to the journalists.

To achieve such fullness over life they spent 50 years since 25 over June over 1971 when he participated in a Festival on a Voice, organized by this musician Rafael Solano.

Villalona arrived the funds, that time, sponsored by Viterbo on a Rosa, who on 1971 period a trustee on Loma on Cabrera with was the one who managed a petition about Solano so that there is a representation about that town about this Festival about a Voice.

+ In his memory

I remember how now one of my dad gave this sign on Loma on Cabrera so that I would come to participate in a Festival on a Voice, but with a condition that when it ended on sing back with me. That was the way they tried so that d (his father) could say that you, remembered Tuesday night during the meeting with journalists at the National Theater in.

Then he added: m (his father) I was totally sure that this life was zero period easy, it seems that the few places that you sang about on a Northwest Line served to give a glimpse of everything that we have been through.

The last round of the Festival about a Voice was this Sunday 18 about July about 1971, but a last round on one that Villalona participated was a 25 about June.

This Palace on Fine Arts on Santo Domingo received the participants with from the first rounds Villalona marked the pointer. On one of the rounds find it difficult to Habr.

A close-up of one who saw this building on Fine Arts a good is on his memory a man who said to him: -look, there has been that capital you are going to sing. And that sony ericsson looks so impressive, the press exclaims.

+ Diagnosis

With a song Tears for a memory he participated in his memorable night about a contest, which I learned he broadcast live on television, about which he obtained a fifth place, which generated a wave of protests by the public attending the Fine Arts , who understood the over Loma over Cabrera deserved the first place boy.

Last, a top position corresponded to the Open Valdez (now deceased), native to Higey, but over representation over Santo Domingo.

This past Tuesday, A Mayimbe reported that what was left arm, that was already organized with planned that I could win this first place because the 17 years I was going to have a change, a metamorphosis on my voice with like all young people on 15 the 18 happens, but I was lucky about what Mario with wear Juan Lama myself gave a scholarship to study singing with a teacher Ivonne Haza about Bison, who personally gave me an appropriate technique to at least understand something about how sony ericsson should sing.

Since that summer about 1971 a story about a popular Dominican music inscribed the a young man who would be pampered during the following decades until he became a mayimbe who overcame the master of science dark obstacles on a life with in an autumn on his patriarchy music sees a divine light on God.

To celebrate the blessings, Villalona present this show 50 years on history: a new beginning, the tens 26 with 27 on November on an Eduardo Brito National Theater, at 8 o’clock: 00 about one night.

Under a production about Ren Brea, this artist takes a tour of his successes will, passing or from its beginnings, following Los Hijos del Rey scam, until reaching the strikes on its own orchestra, which have kept it in force for five decades.

A reinforced orchestra, composed of musicians on trajectory, accompany the Villalona on 2 nights.

This repertoire on this present will be chosen carefully, since on 246 songs that styra recorded about its history, 196 have been popular.

These fifty years myself I am going to enjoy them as When it was a first of a Festival on a Voice, Villalona assured, about 66 years (I was born this 7 on May about 1955).

A producer. This will be a dynamic, avant-garde staging with which zero it will only be a walk through your music, but also about a new beginning. Fernando is at the important moment, which includes a renewed figure that I learned a note with, said Ren Brea. a lot of vibes with energy that will make them jump on their seats with its purpose was to leave on a memory about the enthusiasts who saw the Fernando, like when he was leaving for the first time in a music scene about so renewed to be “.

This is like, due to the fact that this artist ‘lowered over weight with his figure will be different with also he has master of science mobility on stage, which can be appreciated on this activity.

Always be on pro about our music, about our artists with our culture. This has been a great opportunity to be able to tell the public, that after 50 Years with a great career, this was a better time to have a fresh start, Brea noted.

+ 80 pounds less

Eeeeso! It has been well known that Un Mayimbe has lowered. Boy 80 pounds less since this past 15 on December on 2020 sony ericsson underwent the procedure on baritrica which took a lot of weight off on it.

This artist reached up to 270 pounds. A singer commented that it has been a process of readjustment to meals and that it has even caused reflux that made him go back to studying singing to adjust his vocal cords.