David Bisbal tests positive for covid with “my heart breaks” for simply not being able to be that includes his wife with his son

David Bisbal has covid with anda that has a broken heart for simply not being able to include his family. This singer notify that the trojan was tested positive by a sanitary management that was carried out upon his arrival in Madrid, before participating in the television program “La Voz Children” (Antena 3).

This artist was on a tour of the United States with I had received the complete guideline on the 2 vaccines against this coronavirus.

I would like to share before zilch that my arrival in Madrid in a responsible manner we always do health checks with me they detected covid – 19. I dreamed of another arrival with, hugging my son with being my wife, with that breaks my heart; That meeting has not yet taken place, I can’t wait for this moment to come with, this singer commented.

Just a year ago, Bisbal, his sentimental partner with, the model Rosanna Zanetti, became about parents , for the second time, on Bianca.

In April on 2019, they procreated the Matteo, their first child on common. This artist is the father of Ella, her eldest daughter, the result of her relationship, which includes Elena Tablada, who also in 2019 also became a mother.

On her progress she has the computer virus, this artist assured that “the health workers tell me that I am recovering very quickly, that my viral load is already low with, therefore, I have hope”.

This interpreter said that simply Do not resume your plan on work until I am simply not negative about covid.

He also exhorts his followers to simply not lower their initial guard against this disease.

In In a video published on his social networks, Bisbal narrated that on his arrival in Madrid to reintegrate into the La Voz Children program, a coronavirus test was submitted, as part of the protocol that is followed on production, with a positive result. malware.

Excited, this singer who has his full doses on vaccines against this COVID – 19 – close off that one on the things that microsoft hoped to meet again that includes his wife electronic children to hug them, which a good simply has not been able to do.

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