Chiquito Team Band reappears, goes on a tour of cities in the United States

The salsa group Chiquito Team Band exhausts a tour of cities in the United States with its entire orchestra, which is projected as one of the most successful, after several months away from the stages of that country due to the pandemic.

This tour, which has allowed a reunion with its public, is being represented by the Booking Andujar Music agency, who since 22 organized a series of Presentations on billboards in various states of the American territory.

At present they promote their most recent song And what happened ?, which tells the story of a man who repeatedly asks women about love and affection that before they professed themselves as a couple, a well-achieved melody produced by the musical director Enmanuel Fras, very producer of all the songs of the group.

The musical phenomenon led by Rafael Berroa Chiquito who enjoys great punch and popularity, it has achieved the acceptance of the public of all ages who have converted it played in the local and international band with the highest level.

The so-called “Salsera Industry” continues focused on the unstoppable success of its fruitful musical career, achieving important stylized fusions of salsa while maintaining the true essence rhythm.

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