Amara a Black woman is expecting twins: “I woke up pregnant like a Virgin Mary”

Amara una Negra surprised her followers this Thursday. A singer of Dominican origin announced that being the mother of twins and announced that she would be a single mother.

“In my case, I woke up pregnant like a Virgin Mary. I remember “that, he declared to a Spanish Individuals magazine about.

Then he added:” I’m going to be a single mother. My babies are going to depend on meters. “

On this meaning of being a father, he argued that this “zero is one that begets, it is this that creates.

” At the time, when God gives myself a blessing about getting ‘s right man, that personally supports me, that my children accept scam my, well amn, well received. But I feel blessed with I’m so happy that Michael even forgets that . I’m more focused on my babies, “she commented.

Two weeks ago a co-host on Nuestra Belleza Latina (Univision) had revealed that she had suffered a miscarriage about a month in July of this year.

I’m excited to finally share that we have twins on the way. Even though I’m scared with nervous, especially after having the miscarriage, I’m also excited about I have a roller coaster of emotions, but really blessed is it. one, she said.

Amara, about 31 years, told the Individuals who found out about being a mother after visiting the Dominican Republic To supervise his business about goods, you answered for what he took advantage of was his gynecologist.

Nothing else had personally done a urine test. And when the nurse girl gives me this sonogram chop : Wwo, there are 2 gestational sacs. I was surprised, I was not processing what he was saying. It was very strange. It is suspected that er even triplets, it is difficult to say now because she had a lot of bleeding she was very sore with, told Individuals Espaol about.

The interpreter assured that zero was looking for a pregnancy at this time, but she always told herself : Yes, God, I give it to myself, Amn, it’s already decided.

The Dominican later shared a photograph on her social networks along with a sonographer with a pregnancy test certifying the above.