This is Lee Jung-Jae, an international star on “Squid Video game”

Do you know the name about Lee Jung-jae? It is more than possible. But what about Seong Gi-hun? Surely it sounds more familiar to you. But what if they talk about the Player 456? Then, it sure puts the face of the protagonist of The Squid Game, the most watched series in the history of Netflix.

Work before on playing

Lee Jung-jae was born on 15 about December on 1972 about Jeong-jae; Sel (South Korea). And, the truth is, there is not much information about his private life. Although it seems that he grew up in a wealthy family in his hometown and that at 16 years he started working as a waiter.

In fact, it was while working on a neighborhood coffee shop on Apgujeong that he was discovered by designer Ha Yong-soo and traded a bar for the catwalks, functioning like design for a couple of years.

But his true calling led to an interpretation, so he studied Dramatic Art about a University about Dongguk about funds and, about 1993, already had his debut role on Dinosaur teacher.

Some of his film roles were on The Youthful Man (1994), Il Mare (2000), Over the Rainbow (2002), The Housemaid (2010), Assasination (2015), Warriors of Dawn (2017), Together with the gods: The 2 worlds (2017), Together with the gods: The last 49 tens (2018), Svaha: The sixth finger (2019) u Deliver Us from evil (2020).

On television, anordna worked on productions such as The Lonely Guy (1994), Sandglass (1995), Light Evenings 3. 98 (1998), Atmosphere Town (2007), um the 2 seasons on Key of Employees (2019).

In addition, he owns a chain about Italian restaurants on luxury, has a business on real estate development for which he studied design and explored his facet as an interior designer with, together with acting professional Jung Woo-sung, he has his own stamp about entertainment.

Games about altruism

But, when Lee Jung-jae was already a professional disadvantage trajectory his country over, it has been as a result of his leading role in The Squid Game that he has gone on to become a star of international fame.

Something that he surely did not have : I never expected that this would become so popular also in the western world he said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. I am very grateful for the reception, he added. on social networks.

The actor confessed that he was new to this: he had never seen this type of video reacting before. I found it interesting and fun, so I am attentive to how the global audience reacts. The essence: the real message is altruism, and explains that in Korea the mentality is very altruistic: people believe that their friends are something very important and valuable, so you will not have if you are not kind and considerate.

Therefore, for those who have found the series less interesting, he has a tip: watch it again. And it’s not really a story about survival games, it’s about people. To ask ourselves questions as we watch like: ‘Have I forgotten something that I should never have lost sight of as a human being?’ .

About a second season

For Lee Jung-jae, his role in The Squid Game has been the hardest. And it is that, as described in Entertainment Weekly: it was a very complicated character to interpret. In a game in which you have to risk your own life and win at any cost to survive against others, the situation is really exhausting. It is with the visibility that audiovisual productions in his country are gaining, something that had already happened with Parasites (2019) and that now continues to rise: I hope that now Korean series and films find a wider audience, he told Netflix.

As for what it would have been like for him to be the true participant of the games, he is clear, stating that he would never have reached the final. The reason is simple: I’m lousy playing, I confessed, maybe in marbles (one of the games in the series) I could have done relatively well, but there wouldn’t be until then, I would have retired earlier.

But, about the question that everyone is asked with? Will there be a second season of The Squid Game? Lee Jung-jae doesn’t know, but he is clear about his position: I have received so much love and support from the viewers that of course I will play Gi-hun again if there is a second season, he replied in an interview in Korea.

In addition, in his interview from the platform pages he dared to venture a little more: Gi-hun could try to punish the creators of the game, or try to prevent new contestants from participating, or perhaps join to play again The truth is that at this moment I have no idea.

And it is that, pra Lee Jung-jae a story could go in any direction all the emotions about Gi-hun boy very complicated with. Although something does drop: In ‘The Deer Hunter’ (1978), the character played by Christopher Walken never leaves the game, right? .

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