The Mexican group Los 2 Carnales sing in Santo Domingo

A local Mexican group Los 2 Carnales and the singer-songwriter El Fantasma arrive for the first time in the Dominican Republic with their Cabrones y Vagos Entire world Visit tour, the next 19 of November, after participating in the 2021 edition of the Latin Grammy, in All Las Vegas.

With stage on La Santa Claus Community hall, Santo Domingo Este, Los 2 Carnales with El Fantasma I learned will be presenting about the country under a production about a company Alive Productions; With this tour, they have already visited different cities in the United States, scam, Colombia, Mexico and.

Along with this Cabrones con Vagos Globe Tour, Alexander Garca, named above El Fantasma, is working on several presentations about his native Mexico about. In addition, several of his singles, among them Tus despises with Pepe Aguilar, sony ericsson are in the first places of popularity.

He also celebrates his six nominations for the Awards on a Radio 2021.

On the other hand, Los 2 Carnales, a Mexican group on northern music composed by the Imanol brothers with Poncho Quezada, will this year with a double Latin Grammy Thank you for your album Rachern style nomination, with for your song Tuyo con mo, on collaboration scam Camilo.

It should be noted that Los 2 Carnales LanAeon on 2018 their first album titled, I Told You. with en 2019 reached the success of the single Vida advantageous, while El Fantasma, a singer with a composer of local Mexican music, made the leap to music in 2016 which includes the song My 45 with the Armed Team album. At present, he has been considered one of the most famous exponents of North music.

In the event about La Father Christmas Community center, I also learned that Djs Chulomania, Jonathan Method with Chicocandao will be presenting.

All ze reservations can be made through the telephone number 829 – 602 – 9928.

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