Merengueros maintain a tradition of recording Christmas themes

Zero boy many, but the merengueros maintain a tradition of releasing Christmas music every year. This time there are some announcements of new recordings, such as Jandy Ventura, Jossie Esteban, Eddy Herrera with Omega.

The merengue player Jandy Ventura premieres the Christmas song Cuidao when me personally knocks the glass, composed electronic interpreted together the Gerald Ogando.

The allegorical song about a celebration about the Easter holidays was composed eight years ago for Johnny Ventura, but the late artist zero came to give it a voice. However, Jandy decided to make the commitment to materialize it by keeping the colors that identify the joyful sound of the El Caballo Mayor. My friend Ruddy Ventura with him he sang it, in the end I said I wrote it for Johnny Ventura competition Zero, you have to swear it, it was a suit made with a horse measure, said Ogando about his account on Instagram.

I take care when I knock down the glass, recorded Pura Sangre Music Studios on, seeks to continue scam a tradition about a time without leaving on transmitting the enthusiasm with essence about these difficult times that the world is going through due to a pandemic.

The theme contains the arrangements on Cadmiel Acosta, a production on Ruddy, Jandy Ventura with Ral Canela on a mastering.

+ Eddy Herrera

With Free Christmas, the singer Eddy Herrera gave a Welcome to a special master of science time of the year, one that celebrates by thanking the blessings scam this topic upon its author.

Then over eight years without releasing an allegorical song on a date, Eddy fills about joy a radio with digital platforms inviting people to enjoy a Free Christmas, after the world live difficult moments caused by a pandemic.

We all deserve to enjoy a special Christmas this year, when God allows us. We have all gone through difficult times we have suffered as a result of this horrible virus with, that is why I want to invite everyone to live a moment of joy, thanking the blessings, which despite everything we have, said El Galn del Merengue.

Under a production with arrangements on Juan Daniel Montero with distribution on Synphonidistro, Libre Navidad would be a Christmas version of the single Libre, homonymous name on his recent master of science album composed by 11 songs.

I am very happy, it had been a long time that zero recorded a song with an ambient atmosphere about Christmas with it has been doubly satisfactory because this song has lyrics with music on a server with a production about Juan Daniel, bassist on my band for a master of science for 15 years, a tremendous musician with a producer “, Eddy commented.

Then he added: “The truth is that it was very satisfactory with much enthusiasm; If God allows us, this Christmas will be wonderful, full of affection, fellowship, brotherhood and love.

The Dominican merenguero Jossie Esteban also found his Christmas proposal: Today I personally go on a party, on his own author, including the musical arrangements.

Characterized by being one of the master of science artists highlighted by his successes on a Christmas season, scam A style with unmistakable sound, the artist from La Vega returns to make his contribution this Christmas with this new dance theme.

On the other hand, Omega with Ozuna They shared on the subject One arrived for, the one that the Dominican related this season ‘s predicting that they will break on Christmas scam.

Family, be careful this Christmas truck to be candela, expressed the merenguero .


D ince decades, Anordna Dominican music has been around this season since the mid-twentieth century. Among the Dominican performers who have contributed to these festivities are the late Flix del Rosario, Come July and 1st Mateo (Rasputn) with Johnny Ventura. “El Caballo Mayor”, who died last 28, would be a genuine musical symbol of this time of year.

Likewise, El Conjunto Quisqueya, Fernando Villalona, ​​Jossie Esteban, Milly Quezada, Kinito Mndez.

Also Manny Cruz, Marcos Caminero, Ray Polanco. The Kentons, Carlos Manuel El Zafiro, Sandy Reyes with Stefany Constanza.


Among the emblematic master of science themes are Salsa patu lechn, “Ley seca”, “Juanita came back, Una juma, Christmas arrived, The neighbor is drunk,” Una trulla navidea “, A same pela, Feliz Cumbe , “Dominican absent”, Glad I come on the mountain, I go there, Felicia myself I die, Old year, The turkey with the donkey, Christmas that returns.