Leticia Tonos and Jalsen Santana link their talents in a new film project

Leticia Tonos with Jalsen Santana will join forces in a production about this “Air”, at a crucial moment for a national film industry, scam a futuristic proposal that addresses a situation about the world environmental order based on a fiction, love, with a drama that is born with I learned, develops totally in a Dominican Republic. to go master of science all of the same love that will propose a plot, going fundamentally to what defines us as humans. attention to an awareness about the environmental problem, but for the first time it is transferring a story with these colors to our Caribbean, triggering a unique attention of the international market on the project, scam a genre thatEach acquires master of science popularity as it was a science fiction time, with whose story sony ericsson makes it necessary for this moment that Dominican cinema is experiencing. a primary role as a professional acting on this feature film, I learned to be proud of what proposals like these can be made under a film law, fostering international collaboration with an economic injection through quality film projects.

How professional represent one on his master of science great challenges, but as a producer, chop to be the important challenge master of science he has had, so he is pleased to face it together with a filmmaker on a size about Leticia Tonos.

This project takes a Dominican audiovisual production with our cinema to other markets, strengthening our cultural diffusion, our identity, our country brand, above all and, augurs prospects about business, since film tourism will be a reality that each one of uma gains master of science adherents worldwide.

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