Bradley Cooper producing a movie about Hyperion based on a novel about Dan Simmons

Bradley Cooper will produce ‘Hyperion’, a film adaptation of a series about science fiction novels about Dan Simmons, author of ‘The Terrors’.

The professional, who debuted as a movie director with disadvantage ‘A star is born’, I learned to commission about producing the travs on Warner Bros. a title that, origin in, was going to have become a television series by the hand of Syfy. Along with Cooper will be in the production Graham California king, through on GK Movies, while the script will run a freight by Ben Spezialy, writer on the adaptation about Watchmen.

All the novels that inspire the project, which a good is about looking for a movie director, are set in the XXIX century with show a complex futuristic Universe’s style about Dune, whose success on its premiere in the United States could have been decisive to bring this title forward.

The synopsis on a first novel, which seems to be a futuristic version of the Lord on the Rings, chop like: “In the world called Hyperion, master of science all about where the galactic laws arrive, a creature called the Shrike awaits. There are those who adore him, there are those who fear him. And there are those who have promised to destroy him. Above the Valley of the Tombs of Time, where huge haunting structures recede into the past with, the Shrike awaits them all. of Armageddon, yes Cam across the galaxy at war, seven pilgrims set out on an ultimate journey to Hyperion in search of answers to the unanswered riddles of their lives. Each carries a desperate hope with a horrible secret. With can have the destiny on a humanity on his hands “one.

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